Jazz Double Number Offer Code | How to Get Jazz Double Number

Jazz Double Number Offer Code
Jazz Double Number Offer Code

Jazz Double Number Offer

Hello, Guys Today We are Going to Talk About How to Get Two Number On The One Sim In This Article We are Trying to Share All Details About, How To Get a Jazz Dual Number And How To Use and Other Queries.

For the convenience of its customers, Jazz introduced the Double Up Number service. You no longer need to carry two SIMs with you. Because with the help of Jazz Double Up Number service, you can enjoy two numbers on the same SIM. However, this service is only available to prepaid customers. Later, postpaid customers may enjoy the same offer, but not now.


All the bundles also can be subscribed at the same time and the user can also select one bundle.

Buyers can also upgrade these bundles via IVR. Dial 4030 and select the upgrade double-up number from the main menu.

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1. Basic bundle

1.1 Callback Reminder

Partners can set up callback reminders for important calls when they are busy. If a subscriber could not participate in the last two calls, within the last 10 minutes, an SMS will be sent to the subscriber by a particular recipient to set a callback reminder.

1.2 Met Rome

Users can schedule participants and invite participants to the meeting by sending a unique message through the meeting room. Each meeting will be uniquely marked and can be sent to all participants.


Call 4030 and select "Meeting Point" to generate a PIN.


Type "meeting" and send it to 4030

Via web

Meetings can be scheduled via the "Conference Call" from the Double Up Number website.

1.3 SMS into the web

All SMS received on the DoubleUP number will be automatically saved in the subscriber's web.

All SMS got on the DoubleUP number will be automatically saved in the endorser's web.

1.4 SMS signature

Subscribers can set up their own SMS signatures. These signatures will be added automatically at the end of each SMS.


Type "seal" and send it to 4030. Like Sig Ahmar Masood Qazi

Via web

Signatures can be configured in the "Account Settings" from the Double Up website.

Using your new double up number

You can start using your double-up number right away, as you have a good balance to meet the call charges.

Your double-up number uses the available balance as a traditional number, so no unique recharge voucher is required.

The whole billing is easily stable compared to your basic jazz number.

Making and receiving calls/SMS

To make a call or send an SMS from your Jazz double-up number, just add 88 before the number you're calling or texting.

For example, if you want to call/send an SMS to 030XXXXXXXX, you need to dial 88030XXXXXXXX.

The calling party will see your double up number on CLI 88 ie 030XXXXXXXX without. In addition, PTCL numbers can also receive calls on double-up numbers.

People you want to call or text can easily dial your double-up number just like they would dial any regular jazz number.

They don't need to add 88 prefixes because when you receive a call or SMS to your double-up number, 88 prefixes precede the calling party number in the CLI displayed on your phone. Will happen

This helps you identify calls to your double-up number.

Schedule your double up Number

In times when you do not want to receive a call to your double-up number, you can log off the service via IVR or SMS.

Dial 4030 from your phone and select 1 to log out or 1 to log on (if your double-up number is logged off).

You can log out or login via SMS to 4030 and manage your active/inactive states

We also provide support for logout and login schedules, in which case the service will be automatically deactivated for the time you specify.

With this control on the active/inactive state of the service, you can easily continue your regular jazz number and not worry about receiving calls to your double-up number when you don't want to.

Blocking unwanted callers to your double-up Number

This is a subscription-based feature for jazz double-up numbers that let you control which numbers can call your double-up number.

To subscribe to this useful feature, dial 5929 or send an SMS to 5929.

Once you subscribe to this feature you can easily dial 5929, select 1 to add the numbers you want to block.

There is no limit to blocking unwanted numbers.

To unlock any number, after dialing 5929, select 2 and specify the number to be unlocked when indicated.

You can also use SMS to block/unblock numbers using the 'Block' and 'Unblock' commands and send it to 5929.

Blocklisted numbers cannot call your Jazz DoubleUp number unless you block them.

Blocked numbers/callers will not know that you have blocked them, however, they will be notified that the number is blocked.

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