Jazz Make Your Own Offer | How to Make Jazz Unlimited offer

Jazz Make Your Own Offer
Jazz Make Your Own Offer

Jazz Make Your Own Offer 

Jazz is offering its users the freedom and convenience to create their own bundles. Jazz users just have to dial * 303 # to choose the justification and incentive of their choice and they can create their own personal bundle.

  • Add Any Value For Internet DATA
  • Add Any Value For Jazz Minutes
  • Add Any Value For Other Network Minutes
  • Add Any Value For SMS
  • Add Any All Package

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Subscription Codes

Subscription: * 303 #

Status string: * 303 * 1 # for daily Subscription

Status string: * 303 * 7 # for weekly Subscription

Status string: * 303 * 30 # for monthly Subscription

Terms & Conditions

Upon dialing * 303 #, the user will choose the required authenticity (1,7 and 30 days) along with quota as well as jazz minutes, other network minutes, MBS and SMS for each type of incentive Ie Jazz minutes can only be eaten on jazz. After all the incentive choices, the total price of the bundle will be displayed to the customer.

Relevant benefits will be posted in the customer's account and the balance will be deducted accordingly.

The created bundles are non-regular and users will have to dial * 303 # again to get more than one bundle.

Multiple subscriptions to the same accuracy bundle will not include the "Jazz Offer Yourself" incentive.

Only concessional quotas for recent purchases will apply. The rest of the incentive cannot be passed on from the previous subscription.

As a result of multiple subscriptions for different values, priority will be given first to daily,

Then weekly and finally monthly justification for incentive consumption.

Customers can check the rest of the incentives by dialing the door for relevant authenticity.

Sub minutes will be posted at the time of subscription and the last calendar of selected confirmations will end at 23:59 hours of the day.

Call set up fee is applicable.

The Internet offer can be bought and utilized in areas with 2G/3G/4G networks.

On average, 1.2 / MB applies to each mobile internet bundle.

The actual speed of the internet will depend on many factors such as SIM, Device, Access to web pages, Time of day, Number of users simultaneously, Distance from 2G / 3G / 4G site, etc.

If you do not subscribe to any bundle base, you will be charged. 5 / MB

Plus charging will be 512 KB.

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