Telenor Balance Save Code 2021 | Telenor balance lock Easy Methods

Telenor Balance Saving Code 2021
Telenor Balance Saving Code 2021

Telenor Balance Saving Method

Do you have an internet package but the network still cuts your balance? Don't worry because today we will tell you two easy but working ways to save your balance in Telenor SIM for free. There are no subscription fees or other taxes to activate this service. People often report that "the network has lost its balance". This is a common problem in all telecommunication networks in Pakistan. But here we have the solution. We have mentioned the code and android settings to save your current balance. Just dial the code and stay stress-free.

It is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies operating worldwide but concentrated in Scandinavia and Asia. It has broad broadband and TV operations in four Nordic nations and has 10-year-old research and business line for machine-to-machine innovation. Telenor owns networks in 9 countries. Telenor is recorded on the Oslo Stock Exchange and had a market capitalization of kr 225 billion in November 2015, making it the third-biggest recorded company on the OSE after DNB and Aquinor (formerly known as Stoutwell). Became the largest company.

Telenor started in 1855 as the Telegraph Service, a state-owned monopoly on telegraph services. Norway's first telegraph plan was launched within the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1848, but by 1852, the plans had become public and the Norwegian parliament had decided to build a nationwide telegraph system. The televised circuit began with the annexation of Christiania (now Oslo) to Sweden (Norway was then an alliance with Sweden) as well as Christiania and Derman. By 1857 the telegraph had reached Bergen on the west coast via Sarlandet on the south coast, and by 1871 it had reached Kirknis on the far north coast. Cable connections were opened in 1867 from Denmark and in 1869 from Britain. The telegraph was the most important for the merchant marine who could now use the electric telegraph to communicate quickly between different locations and to reap the benefits of better logistics.

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Balance Saving Method 2021

Telenor has launched the best way to save your balance by using the internet for free. Here's a Method How to save your Balance.

  • Dial 345 from your mobile dial-pad.
  • Reply with "1" now to confirm.
  • The network will verify.
  • You will receive a confirmation notification shortly.
  • Congratulations on subscribing to the "Balance Saving Service".

Telenor Balance Saving Other Method

While using the Internet, you can easily block apps and browsers that lose your balance. On many SIM cards, these codes do not work properly. But we've also mentioned a mobile configuration at Telenor to save your balance when using the Internet. This setting is the perfect and ultimate way to lock your balance.

  • Open your (Android or iPhone) settings.
  • Now open "Network Settings".
  • Click "Mobile Data".
  • A new list will appear.
  • This is a list of all the apps that can access your data.
  • Check the apps that have the package.
  • Check for apps that don't have a package.
  • Done! Now your balance is saved.
  • Now the network will not receive a single rupee.
  • This is 100% the best truck to save your credit.

Second Code Method

This is another code that is also known to lock your balance. Dial this code from your Telenor SIM and see the magic.

  • Dial * 7799 # from your SIM.
  • Now follow the instructions given by the network.
  • Confirm and subscribe to your subscription.
  • You have subscribed to the "Balance Lock Service"

In our final words, we advise our dear visitors to change the above-mentioned mobile phone network settings and save their balance from unauthorized deductions

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