Telenor Balance Share Code 2021 | How to Share Balance Telenor to Telenor Sim

Telenor Balance Share Code 2021
Telenor Balance Share Code 2021

Telenor Balance Share Code

Hello, Guys  Today We are Going to Talk About How To Share Telenor Balance To Telenor If You Want This Offer So Read Carefully And If You Think This Article Helpful To You So Share With Others And Help us.

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Smart share

Rs 5.98 inclusive tax

Share your Telenor prepaid Balance with your family or friends who are also using the Telenor prepaid connection.

Only available for prepaid customers

Share between 20 to 20 rupees 200

The money received can be used for voice, SMS, or digital services


Are you the kind of person who wants to help and empower others?

When you need others the most, are you wondering how to move the balance?

Telenor Smart Share is the service that makes you a real hero.

Transfer credit to your friends now!

To share money type the following code on your mobile phone and press send:

Press * 1 * 1 * 923xxxxxxxxx * Amount # and 1 to confirm balance transfer.

For example, to divide Rs. 100.00 with a prepaid number 03451234567, type and send: * 1 * 1 * 923451234567 * 100 # and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

Once the balance is transferred, both the sender and the recipient will receive confirmation of the transaction.

You have Rs. From. Can be divided into Rs. 20.00 to Rs. 200.00.

The balance will remain the same for that time.

Smart can be shared up to 10 times a day.

Subscription Type



PKR 5.98 only



*Charges are inclusive of tax


Will I get my money back via Telenor if I accidentally transfer to the wrong number?

No, you are both responsible for writing, the exact amount you want to share and the number to which you want to transfer it.

Do I like the extension of my connection verification period in Smart and Scratcard?

No, SmartShare does not expire your Telenor prepaid connection. Your term is the same. Therefore, if your expiration date expires, you will need to recharge your connection with a scratch card to protect it from expiration.

Can I share my credit with any Telenor advance number?

Yes, you can share your loan with all Telenor Pakistan prepaid numbers.

How do I enable/disable Smart Distribution?

To activate SmartShare on your Telenor prepaid subscription, call 34 345 or visit any Telenor Sales & Service Center.

Can I send a smart share to any telephone number?

SmartShare is currently limited to Telenor prepaid connections to the following international locations where Telenor offers international roaming on prepaid subscriptions.

Afghanistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Montenegro, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Cyprus, Oman, Tanzania, Egypt, Portugal, Thailand, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Spain,

How to Share Balance Telenor to Jazz Sim

Some people tend to help other people who are facing any kind of crisis.

Such people have a soft heart and are considered jewels in our world.

So, are you the kind of person who wants to help and help others?

Suppose you are a Telenor user with a lot of balance and some needy friends or family members ask you to share some balance with them.

The only hurdle that can still persist is that you don't know how to share balance over the phone.

Well, you don't have to worry because we will guide you about it.

You can easily share your balance or credit with your friends and family using the Telenor Smart Share feature.

If you have a Telenor SIM, the balance sharing code below will allow you to easily share your balance.

Telenor Smart Share - Balance Share Code

Time required: 1 minute.

Any Telenor user can share the balance just by dialing

Dial * 1 * 1 * 92345xx * amount #

Replace 92345xx with the number you want to share the balance, starting with 92. Replace the "amount" with the amount you want to share (15-200).


Confirm by answering 1, and your balance will be shared.

And your balance will be shared. You need to make sure that you have typed exactly the same way to work.

Price Telenor Balance Share Code

Rs 5.7 * 1 * 1 * Number * Balance #


* 1 * 1 * 923451234567 * 50 #

You need to confirm by answering with 1 after dialing the balance share code.

Are there any charges for sharing the balance?

Yes, Rs. 5.7

Can Telenor postpaid customers share the balance?

No, they can't share the balance. Only prepaid customers can share balance with other Telenor numbers.

Do I need a specific Telenor package to make it work?

No, all Telenor prepaid customers can use the Telenor Smart Share, regardless of the package they are on.

The minimum and maximum amount that can be shared?

You can share from a minimum of Rs 15 to a maximum of Rs 15. 200

If I'm not already, how do I activate Telenor Smart Share?

Call 345 or visit Telenor Sales and Service Center to activate SmartShare.

Terms & Conditions:

You have Rs. From. Can be divided into Rs. 20.00 to Rs. 200.00.

The balance will remain valid for that time.

Smart can be shared up to 10 times a day.

Only available to prepaid customers

The money received can be used for voice, SMS, or digital service

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