Telenor Double Number Offer Code | How to Get Telenor Smart Number

Telenor Double Number Offer Code
Telenor Double Number Offer Code

Telenor Double Number Offer

Get 2 numbers on 1 SIM without any hassle - no need to carry 2 phones anymore! With the Telenor Smart Number service, all Telenor clients would now be able to buy into virtual numbers. Now you can have 2 numbers on 1 SIM so you don't have to carry two phones with you.

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  • Instant example: Call or SMS  "77" from your assigned smart number before the number you are calling or texting: 7703XXXXXXXX
  • Missed call alerts
  • Block or unblock unwanted calls and SMS
  • Your smart number can be 'on' or 'off' for a set period of time

How to Subscribe Telenor Smart Number Offer

  • For Subscribe Your Telenor Smart Number Offer Send SMS ‘SUB’ to 6300.
  • Weekly Charges Rs.10 + Tax.
  • Or Monthly Charges Rs. 35.70 +Tax.
  • If You Want To Unsubscribe This Offer So  SMS ‘Unsub’ to 6300.

Other Method

The unique idea of ​​the Telenor double number has been well received by consumers, so how to get a Telenor smart number and its code is briefly described here. You no longer need to carry two phones because you now have two Telenor numbers on your One SIM card.

Most people are using two numbers. Now Telenor offering this amazing offer to their customers You do not need to carry two mobile phones For two different numbers. You can change two different numbers on 1 SIM. So that's great and from an economic point of view. Because by doing so you can eliminate the need for another mobile.

All users can freely subscribe and activate the service to get a virtual number. Of course, this is what customers need, and the company will fulfill its responsibility.

Telenor Double Number:

One can get full service of Telenor Double Number for one week or one month.

There are specific codes set up to enable this, so use them and continue if you are satisfied with it. If at any time, you do not want to use two Telenor numbers at the same time, you can also disable this service. So, you have an open option for that.

Telenor Double Number Code:

Specifically, there are two Telenor double number codes that differ for 7 days and 30 days. In addition, there are allegations

  • If you Want For Week so Weekly Offer Code Is *345*7700# and If you Want to De-Active This Offer So Dial For De-Activate= Code Is *345*7701#.
  • If Someone Want to Subscribe This Offer For Month So Dial *345*158# and Enjoy this Offer Whole Month Or if You Want De-activate This Offer So Dial *345*159#.

How to Get The Telenor Smart Number?

The table above shows how to get a Telenor Smart Number.

Just follow these codes and start reaping the benefits. In addition, the call charges table is also mentioned.

What are the rewards for this beautiful offer?

After activating this service, the following rates will apply to calling and SMS usage.

So, be sure to read them too and get rid of the confusion.

Call Charges on the Second Number

If You Want to Call On Your Double Number So Call Charges Will Be Rs.2.4 Tax Per Minute On-net/Off-net.

  • Call On-Net/off-net = Rs.2.4 Tax Per Minute
  • Sms Charges On-net/off-net = Rs. 0 limited Time Offer
  • Renewal Charges= Rs. 10 Tax week

Of course, you don't have to spend a lot of money on this service. With it, you can also enjoy missed call alerts. With it, you also have the option to block any unwanted calls and SMS. You can get Telenor double number by trying the above method. More services are coming from this company. Hopefully, it will be useful and beneficial for you.

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