Ufone Balance Share Code 2021 | How to Share Balance Ufone to Ufone Sim

Ufone Balance Share Code
Ufone Balance Share Code

Ufone Balance Share Code

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Ufone’s UShare service is now free of cost to allow easy sharing of balance during lockdown

ISLAMABAD, March 31, 2020: Pakistani telecom operator Ufone has made its US share service free to the public to facilitate customers across the country and facilitate balance sharing during the lockdown. This is a nationwide offer and users can now share the balance with their friends and family without any additional service charges.

Customers can share PKR 600 per transaction and a maximum of four transactions per day by making a total transaction amount of up to PKR 2,400.

Previously, only PKR200 could be transferred in each transaction with a service charge of PKR 2.99 per transaction, while the maximum transfer limit for a single day was PKR800.

The service charge has been completely waived with the increase in the transfer limit to help more people.

Ufone customers can easily dial * 828 * Recipient Number * Amount # and share balance with ease and convenience.

Amid the threat of coronavirus, many people live indoors and are unable to go to retailers or local stores to transfer money/balance.

Ufone has launched this new service to address the concerns of customers whom it considers part of its U family.

The brand is introducing a number of products, services, and initiatives that can help people stay at home and work with ease as it is important for Ufone to say "Goodbye Pakistan".

As a socially responsible organization, Ufone has advised all its customers to take precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

 These include washing hands thoroughly and often with soap for 20 seconds, avoiding shaking hands, especially with people who look sick, and avoiding touching the eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible. Disinfect joint surfaces, such as door combs, bathroom faucets. , Or tablets, stay at home when you are sick, and keep at least 1 meter away from anyone.

By taking basic precautions, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

You share

Ufone prepaid customers can now share their balance on 2.99+ tax service charges!

Sharing your balance is a 2-step process.

Step 1:

 * 828 * Recipient Number * Amount # Dial  Example= * 828 * 0333xxxxxxx * 10 #

Step 2:

 Will be indicated with customer: Reply with: 1 to 0333xxxxxx for transfer of Rs.

 Customer will be prompted with: Reply with: 1 to transfer Rs. 10 to 0333xxxxxx

Terms & Conditions

From February 27, 2014, only Ufone customers 

who have used a balance of more than Rs 150 from their numbers will be able to avail of this service.

Customers will be able to make a maximum of 4 transactions in just one day

Transfer from Rs 10 to Rs 10 in 600 + 2.99 + tax!

The maximum balance that can be shared between Ufone users is now limited to Rs. 600 / - per transaction only.

If the transfer amount is more than Rs.600 / -, a second transaction needs to be initiate

The balance transferred by US defeat will not affect the term of B-party customers

The combined amount must be used before the expiration of this period or it will expire.

Your SIM is your identity, use only biometric verification - SIMs issued by PTA

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