Ufone Conference Call Code 2021 | Ufone Conference Call Easy Method

Ufone Conference Call Code 2021
Ufone Conference Call Code 2021

Ufone Conference Call

If You want to Call Some Friends Or Colleagues And Conference In One Call So You Are On The Right Place Because Of In This Article We are Trying To Share How To Conference Call On Ufone Network So Read Full Article.

Ufone has introduced a conference call feature for its prepaid customers, while there is already an offer for postpaid users.

Conference call is a feature that is used by all classes of users, This could be a home user, a college student, or a business user, or a group of friends. Now, the service is also available for the prepaid segment.

If you want an easy way to subscribe to a conference call, you can simply call the Ufone Helpline and tell their representative you want to activate the conference call. The representative will tell you the full details of the conference call and how to call a conference call. Can activate and also how much will it cost you and how long is your conference call package period and if you want to do it by yourself then we have told you the whole Method Below.

Ufone Conference Call Code And Full Method

Buyers (both prepaid and postpaid) will send a short SMS to 678 from their Ufone number to request a conference call service activation.

Users will receive SMS generated by Ufone's system.

Thank you! Your request to activate the Multi-Party Conference Call has been received. You will receive a confirmation SMS within the next 24 hours.

SMS confirmation on successful activation of multi-party conference call service:

Dear customer, Multi-party conference call facility has been activated for you. Enjoy talking up to 5 numbers on any network at once!

One-time multilateral conference call activation charges, Rs. 3.00 / - + Tax is applicable for both prepaid and postpaid buyers.

How to make a conference call?

Make your first call, and pause it, then make a second call and go to the options button and select "Join call" or "Start conference", so you can put both calls on hold and the third number Can dial, and select Join Call.

Note: Not all handsets allow you to make conference calls.

Terms & Conditions:

The service is available to all Ufone buyers on all voice packages except Post of Yant and Prepaid Life Value packages.

The service is accessible on all supported handsets.

Activation fees are in addition to taxes.

After activating the Multi-Party Conference Call Service, users can make up to 6 concurrent conference calls (1 initiator + 5 other numbers) on any network. In only a few southern areas, the limit is a maximum of 3 concurrent conference calls (1 initiator + 2-second number) on any network.

Standard voice call charges (international, off-net, or net) will apply to each call according to the subscribed Ufone voice package.

The user can contact 333 during the 24-hour standard activation time period and request early activation.

Multi-part conference call service has already been activated on a FOC basis to all prepaid and postpaid buyers based in Lahore, Lahore to predict user behavior and inform it through a large number of broadcasts. Will go

The conference call feature is enabled by default in all new prepaid SIM sales.

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