Ufone Double Number Offer Code | How to Get Ufone Double Number

Ufone Double Number Offer Code
Ufone Double Number Offer Code

Ufone Double Number Offer

Ufone is currently offering this exceptional service, which permits its clients to run two Ufone numbers on one SIM. This feature may be useful for people who have two numbers at a time, maybe one for personal use and the other for business use. With this service, you will get a virtual number on your real number. One SIM means two numbers. With the help of a double number, you can close your business number Run two businesses for family and friends or with just one SIM while keeping your second number open.

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How To Subscribe For Double Number

It's easy to subscribe to this service. There are several Method to subscribe to this service:

Send SUB to 660

Dial * 66 # from your Ufone number

Once you subscribe to the service, the system will randomly select a useless number from the double-digit inventory. An SMS Will You Received on Your Number


“Your double number is 033XXXXXXXX. Tax / Rs. 30 per month Please dial 66 after any number and call from your double number. "

Example: If your assigned double number is 033XXXXXXX and you want to call 03331234567, you will dial 6603331234567. 

Similarly, to send an SMS to 033XXXXXXX, you will type an SMS and send it with a prefix of "66".

Type the message: "How are you?" And send it to 66033XXXXXXX.

The recipient will receive the SMS from 03335100011.

Both users can talk to each other while billing will be done on a per-minute basis.

If you want to call or SMS to 033XXXXXXX 03335100011, the user will dial 03335100011 directly and the call / SMS will be routed to 03335100012 (basic number).

The following are additional features of the service that can be accessed via IVR 660.

Users can turn on / off their double number at any time or for a specified period.

Check the caller - you will not receive a call from the selected number on your double number.

Bar all callers. All double incoming calls will be blocked

Unblock all callers - all incoming calls to the double number will be allowed

Unblock Caller - You will start receiving calls from the number you blocked


Subscription charges: Rs. 30 + tax / third (1% tax / day from next month)

Call Charges (On Net / Off Net): Rs. 1.30 + tax per minute

SMS Compensation (On Net / Off Net): .0.050 + Tax / SMS

660 IVR charges: 1 + tax / min again

Terms & Conditions:

The service will be available to both the user in advance and after payment.

Users can get double number via SMS / IVR & USSD.

Only one double number can be produced against one basic number.

Ufone customers will be provided with a double number from an inventory, which is specifically dedicated to this service.

Billing will be on primary number only. The service is not designed for incoming/outgoing international roommates.

Double-digit international calls and SMS will not be allowed.

A double number will be assigned as compared to a basic number.

Assigned MSISDNs will not be available to anyone else.

Since the double number will be associated with the active primary number, the customer's record will also be available in CARE.

The customer's NIC or passport number is not required for activation.

The user does not need to go to any Ufone service center or franchise to get the DNA.

A balance transfer is not possible with double digits, as it will be used for CLI purposes only.

Users cannot pick up SMS and voicemail on double number.

Customers with SMS buckets will be charged Rs. 10.50 / - per SMS which they will send to double number.

Users cannot port out their double number.

Once the basic number is ported out, the double number will automatically become useless after 6 months.

If the user has voice and SMS bucket and he calls or sends SMS from DN then DN charges will be charged.

Other VAS services cannot be accessed through DN.

Ufone Double Number Promo

Ufone brings you another exciting offer during the month of August!

Now you can subscribe to the double numbered promo by dialing * 66 # for just Rs. 8.37 per week for prepaid customers, and Rs. 33.48 per month for postpaid customers

And send free SMS from your double number to any number in Pakistan for the whole month of May!

The following terms and conditions apply:


 The policy of fair use of 300 SMS per day applies.

 Once the daily SMS limit is exceeded, outgoing SMS will be blocked until the next day.

 This offer can only be availed once the membership fee has been paid.

 When the user reaches 90 90 SMS usage, the user will receive a notification via SMS.

 If the weekly subscription is not renewed, the user will not be able to send a free SMS and will receive information to recharge the account by dialing * 66 #.

The development will end on May 31, 2012.

There are so many things in life that you have to manage different mobiles or SIMs.

personal use or any other reason is not something you really look forward to.

For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone has taken an advanced technology of double number service.

Finally, you do not need to carry two mobiles or a SIM with this service, you will get a virtual number on your real number.

One SIM means two numbers.

With the help of double number you can change your business number while keeping your other number open for family and friends or run two businesses with just one SIM.

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