Zong Balance Save Code 2021 | Zong Balance lock Easy Methods

Zong Balance Save Code 2021
Zong Balance Save Code 2021

Zong Balance Save Code 2021

Lock your balance for future use with Zong Balance Safe Code. Open Your Phone Dialer and Dial This Code * 4004 # from your Zong 4G SIM and activate the free service. 

Yes! All 4G networks in Pakistan have introduced a new offer that allows you to easily save your extra balance to your other account. This service works like bank account management which offers a lock system for the customers. The code lets you easily lock your required balance into another account. When using the internet or after recharging a balance account, people usually suffer from abnormal balance deductions. That's why we have a new balance lock service to save your recharge for free. Yes! Now you can save your balance in just a few steps with no weekly or monthly subscription fees. Here we have the full details.

Zong began operations in 1991 as cable and wireless under the name Paktel. It was the first company to issue a free license to operate mobile phone services in Pakistan. It provided AMPS services until 2004 when the company dispatched GSM services. In 2003, Malcolm Corporation, then the majority owner of InstaPhone, bought Pectel from Cable & Wireless. Malcolm formed a new management team led by former InstaPhone CEO John Tomalty and Chief Financial Officer David Ardman. On January 22, 2007, Malcolm International Cellular SA reported that it would offer its 88.86% stake in Paktil Limited to China Mobile for 28 284 million, including repayment of an intercompany advance. The sale represents an enterprise value of  460 million, Malcolm said in a press release. Merrill Lynch advised China Mobile about the transaction. On May 16, 2007, China Mobile announced that it had increased its stake in CM Pack to 100%. On April 1, 2008, Paktel was merged with Zong.

Zong operates under the 4G brand name, a Pakistan-based mobile data network operator owned by China Mobile. Zong provides 2G, 4G LTE, 4G + mobile services in Pakistan. This is the first overseas arrangement of China Mobile in 2008 by getting a permit from Malcolm to work the GSM network in Pakistan. Zong is a 100% auxiliary of China Mobile It is the second-largest GSM mobile service provider in Pakistan with 36 million subscribers. With more than 14,000+ 4G capable towers in the county, it has a market share of 21% among cellular operators in the country. Zong launched its 4G + services in almost all major cities of Pakistan. Zong conducted 5G trials in 2019 with a test speed of 1.14 GB / s, making it one of the first three providers in the country to achieve the milestone.

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Zong Balance Save Code Full Method

Follow these steps and save your balance in a few simple steps:

  • Dial * 4004 #
  • Now select "Prepaid".
  • Now dial "1" and subscribe
  • "Zong 4G Management Service" will be activated.
  • The service is free.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS as a result of the purchase.

You can easily withdraw your balance by unlocking this balance lock service whenever you need it. Follow these steps and end the service.

  • Dial * 4004 #
  • 2 and select "Subscribe to"
  • The service is subscribed for free.

Many prepaid Internet users complain of losing their balance whenever they are on an "Internet data connection". That's why they can now save their balance before going "data connection". As a result, their balance will remain the same and no additional deductions will be made.

This service is for internet users. If you are going to use the internet and you have some balance in your prepaid account. When you open the browser, your balance will be cut. So be careful and save your extra balance before using the internet. The method of saving membership and balance is mentioned above.

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