Jazz Choose Number – Choose Your Number Jazz

Jazz Choose Number
Jazz Choose Number

Jazz Choose Number – Choose Your Number Jazz

Only Mobilink provides jazz selection number service. This means that you are eligible to choose your Jazz number online if available.

Get ready to choose your SIM number according to your favorite numbers with your lucky number and "Jazz Choice Number" service. This service costs a little more than a normal digital SIM card.

Both prepaid and postpaid Jazz customers are eligible to purchase their favorite numbers. You just have to select the number and the page will automatically generate the number value.

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Jazz Choose Number

Basically, Jazz has launched an online webpage on which they display various prepaid and postpaid numbers in different categories with special prefixes and suffixes.

The price of each number is also in front of it so that you can easily choose your SIM number. We have described the services with pictures below.

Jazz Choose Number Types

The Jazz Selected Number has divided the amazing SIM numbers into 7 different categories. here are 7 types of Jazz prepaid and postpaid SIM numbers.

Select the jazz number link

  • Penta (PKR 50,000)
  • Platinum (PKR40,000)
  • Platinum Plus (PKR 20,000)
  • Special Premium (PKR 20,000)
  • Golden (PKR 1000)
  • Dischargeable (PKR 300)
  • Jazz Normal (PKR 200)

Select the type of jazz number

You can choose one of the 7 types listed on the Official Page Network.

Numbers and their price will be generated automatically by Jazz.

Jazz Choose Number Criteria

There is also a "Standard" option on the front page of the selected SIM numbers.

Just click on this option and three different options will give you the opportunity to manually create a suffix and prefix of your number. Enter your desired number and click the "Search" button. The network will provide you with information about the availability of this number.

Available numbers will display a notification "Your number is not available".

Open the official website

Click "Search criteria."

Select "Previous" 0300, 0301, etc.

Select "Quality" (stay 7 digits)

Click "Search" and get the number

Will offer price as well

Choose SIM according to quality

Make your own number

With the help of this service, all customers can create their own SIM card numbers. So polish your personality with a set of SIM numbers. It will definitely shine on your personality. Many people use the same number for their car, motorcycle, SIM and other necessities of life.

How to buy a Golden Number?

Currently, Jazz has not introduced an online SIM reserve service. So if you like a number, feel free to contact your nearest franchise or jazz retailer and experience center. Get it The SIM selection service is available online but the SIM and payment method is physical. Therefore, this service works on the principle of a "first come first served" system.

Terms & Conditions

  • This number starts from Rs. 200 to Rs. 50,000
  • Manual designed numbers can cost up to 50,000+
  • If you like a number, check out the Jazz franchise
  • You cannot book or save the selected number online
  • Please visit the official page for more information and questions

Jazz Choose your number

Jazz has a variety of Bundles to satisfy its customers.

Jazz is currently giving its users the option to choose.

There are two categories for choosing your number.

1) Type

2) Search Criteria

Choose what type of number you need in the first classification (type).

There are options

Penta (5 digits in a row) It costs 50,000 PKR

Special premium (numbers like 1234, 12345, 123456 or 1234 are included) It costs 20000 PKR

Platinum (last 4 digits in a row) IIT costs 4000 PKR

Immovable (2 or 3 digits in a row, initial or middle 3 digits in a row) It costs 500 PKR

Platinum Plus IT 20000 PKR

Golden (last 3 digits in a row) It bears 1000 PKR

Jazz Normal (Normal Numbers (Non-Premium NDC)) This is ITP 200PKR

Select the type and click Search You will find the available numbers

The second category (search criteria) includes some steps

Choose the options of your choice

Then select the criteria for how you want to customize the number of options.

 Then write down the digits you want to add to your number

Click and you will find numbers available at different prices

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