Jazz tune unsub code 2021 | How to Deactivate Jazz Caller Tune

Jazz tune unsub code 2021
Jazz tune unsub code 2021

How to Deactivate Jazz Caller Tune

Dear users, please dial Jazz Caller Tune to unsubscribe code 230 and disable the MobiTune service. Details with pictures are given below.

Jazz caller tune PKR 2 deducts daily. That's why people often unsubscribe from this service due to the constant remuneration of the offer. If we calculate the compensation for this offer, it becomes clear that PKR receives service from 14 every week. So people do not use their money for such services. We have explained the code and SMS Method to disable this service from your SIM.

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Unsubscribe Jazz Caller Tune (Code)

To unsubscribe from Jazz Caller Tune, dial 230 from your mobile dial-pad.

After that, a notification will appear.

You will receive a confirmation SMS in a few seconds.

  • Dial 230 from your Mobilink SIM.
  • Done! Caller tune service has been disabled.
  • Jazz Caller TUNE Unsubscribe (SMS)

Another way is to disable MobiTune via SMS. To disable via SMS, please type the new message "UNSUB" and send it to 230.

Type in a new message and type "UNSUB".Send it to service code 230.

You will receive an inactivation SMS confirmation.

Full Detail

Subscription CodeDial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230
Unsubscription codeDial 230 or send ‘unsub’ to 230
ChargesRs.2.50/ Day

IVR Charges

Rs. 0.72/Min (By dialing 2301)

IVR Charges

Rs. 2.84/Min (By dialing 230)

SMS Charges (ContentDownload)

7.99 + tax

Block Jazz Tunes

Users can also pause specific tunes by dialing * 2302 * 1 # from Jazz SIM. This service is often used to block signals that buyers don't like. to block this Service charges apply to the blocking option.

  • Block JazzTune by dialing * 2302 * 1 #
  • Dial * 2302 * 2 # to unblock MobiTune

Jazz Collar Tune Details

Originally, Mobilink introduced Sufi calamns, poetry, Naat, and short songs to activate the jazz number. So it can define or identify your personality and character. Subscription details are given below:

Jazz Caller Tune Subscribe Code

  • To activate the service, please dial 230.
  • Send "all" to 230.
  • Or send "all" to 6007.
  • Service charges apply.

Jazz Caller Tune Unsubscription through SMS

If you want to Unsubscribe or Deactivate Jazz Caller Tune On your Mobilink/Jazz, Warid Sim So You can Unsubscribe By Following Few Steps:

First You Need To Type New Message On your Jazz/Mobilink Warid Sim In the Message You Just Type "UNSUB" and Send It to 230.

Now Your Jazz Warid Caller Tune Has Been Unsubscribe or Deactivate.


Finally, we conclude that service is the best source of entertainment or character representation. However, for them For those who can't afford it or want to disable it, we've given them full details. If you still have questions, please click on the official website link INFO & FAQs.

Other information

1. Apni Dhun category

On the Tune 230 IVR menu, you can browse and download the tune of your choice from the following categories.

  • Pakistani (Top 10, New Releases, Lyrics, Pop, Punjabi, Balochi, Pashto, Sindhi, Other)
  • Asian (Top 10, New Release, Classic, Punjabi, Other)
  • English (Top 10, New Release, Classic, Rock, RNB, Other)
  • Arabic (Top 10, New Release, Classic)

Jazz themes





2. My album

Your downloaded tune is stored in a folder called "My Album" and can be accessed at any time by calling 230 IVR. You don't have to download the same tune again if you need to in the future. You can set any tune in your library by calling 230 IVR, then selecting the "My Album" option and following the instructions to sort your current tune. You can set different tunes for different callers. All you need to do is call the I 230 IVR, set your tune that you want to set and you want to set your own tune for the caller. Whenever this caller calls, you will hear the specific Apni Dhun you have set for him, while the rest of the callers will hear your default Apni Dhun.

3. Caller group settings

This feature gives you the freedom to set your own tunes for family, friends, government contacts, and others.

The following are additional SMS commands for your tune. SMS code is 230

Terms & Conditions

The service is for both postpaid and prepaid customers.

If both subscribe to MobiTunes and ApniDhun at the same time, you will be charged separately for the subscription.

The content library for your tune is like MobiTunes.

Apni Dhun feature is not available to Warid users.

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