Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code

Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code
Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code

Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code

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How to check all active subscribed packages on Telenor

By dialing * 123 # for free, you have the opportunity to check your current status or Subscribed Offers of the services and promotions offered by Telenor, even while roaming. When you dial * 123 #, a menu with options according to the number will appear on your phone screen. You can select the desired option by pressing the key and entering the number for confirmation.

Telenor Smart Caller Tune Unsubscription Code

If You want to Deactivate Telenor Smart Caller tune Offer So You can Easily Un-sub by Dialing *230*001# 

or type a New Message in your Telenor Sim Type" Un-sub" and Send it to 230.

Telenor Daily SMS Package Unsub Code

If you want to Deactivate Your Daily SMS Package Who's Automatically Subscribed Daily So You Just Doing it With Following Few Steps.

  • Dial *2*2*1# and This Offer Automatic Deactive.
  • Dial 345 And Tell the Agent to Deactivate Your Daily SMS Offer

Telenor Balance Save Unsub Code

If You are Saving your Balance And Now You want to Deactivate This Offer So You can Do it By Following Few Steps:

Dial 345 And Tell The Agent To Deactivate Your Balance Save Offer

Telenor Auto Reply Service Deactivate Code

If you Want to Deactivate Auto Replay Service On Your Telenor Sim So You are Doing it With the Following Few Steps:

Type New Message In Your Telenor SIM Type" unsub" And Send It to 5333.

Or You Call 345 and Tell The Agent to Deactivate Auto Reply Service On Your Telenor Sim

Telenor Call/SMS Block Service Unsub Code

If you Want to UNSUB Call/SMS Block Service On Your Telenor SIM so Doing it Just Following Few Steps:

Type a New Message on Your Telenor SIM Type "UNSUB" and Send It to 420.

Or You Just Dial 345 And Tell The Agent To Deactivate this Service.

This is the list of all Telenor Packages unsubscribe codes:

Telenor Smart Caller Tune Send “unsub” to 230 or dial "*230*001#
Telenor Daily SMS Package Unsub Dial *2*2*1#
Telenor Daily SMS Package Unsub
Dial 345
Telenor Balance Save Unsub Call 345
Telenor Auto Reply SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5333
Telenor Call/SMS Block Service Unsub Send ‘USUB’ to 420
Telenor Gameloft Unsub Call 345 
Telenor My Status Send “unsub” to 5333
Telenor Gameleague Unsub call 345
Telenor Game now Unsub call 345
Telenor Game Club Unsub call 345
Telenor TV Goonj Unsubscribe call 345
Block on Stolen Dial "*8822#"
DIRBS PTA 8484 OR Dial *8484#

All Telenor packages are free and Un-subscribe to tricks and codes

To Unsubscribe from the Telenor SIM package, Telenor All Packages have featured these subscription codes and all the latest in-tricks.

If you have a Telenor SIM card and want to know the full details about "How to unsubscribe from Telenor packages" whether the package is SMS, call or internet then you are on the right page.

Here are three ways to deactivate it

Telenor SMS, call, and data packages.

When we activate a call, SMS, or Internet package on a Telenor SIM, there are formal tricks to the SIM that can be used to disable these packages. Today I will tell you about Telenor in detail the inactive codes and tricks of all packages.

Un-subscribe to all Telenor packages

Many other websites provide code to disable the package. However, I want to tell you the truth that every Telenor package has only one subscription code, one status, and one Un-subscription code. So you can deactivate all packages only with their official inactive code.

But don't worry because here I have tried my best to post all the packages in the list with this subscribe code. Just find your package's inactive code and unsubscribe it from your SIM.

Telenor Tips to Deactivate All Packages

You can officially three tricks you can use to deactivate or unsubscribe from your "Telenor SMS, Call and Internet Package". So follow any of these tricks and get rid of your extra offer.

Package Official Un-Subscribe Code

One in all Un-subscription SMS trick

Deactivate the package by calling the helpline

Package Official Un-Subscribe Code

Now it is time to describe our first method by which you can deactivate any package. In this trick, you have to dial the official Unsub code of the offer launched by the network. You can get this official code by searching for the name of your package. You can easily find popular Telenor calls, SMS, and Internet package inactive code. Select your bundle inactive code and get rid of it.

One in all subscribe sub SMS trick

You can also use the "All-in-One One-in-One SMS Trick" to get rid of packages with this SMS method.

Please type "Unsub" and send it to 6006.

All in all, send the un-subscribe SMS trick "Unsubscription" to 6006

Generally, all types of daily, weekly, and monthly packages can be disabled by this SMS method.

This service is free. You can get rid of additional packages in just one SMS.

Deactivate the package by calling the helpline

Finally, we suggest to our dear visitors that you can unsubscribe from the daily, weekly, or monthly (call, SMS, and data) package by dialing Telenor's official helpline number. Call the helpline number directly and ask the agent to deactivate the active packages on your SIM.

So we can say that the best and most time-saving way to unsubscribe from a the package is by "calling the helpline".

Telenor Helpline 345

Compensation for deactivating the package There are no official charges for deactivating any package. However, customers will have to pay to call the Telenor Helpline to cancel the offer.


From the whole conversation, we have concluded that every Telenor SIM user should call the helpline number and check the active packages on their SIM at present.

If you do not use a specific package and it is active on your number, you should unsubscribe from it as it may result in additional monthly charges on your budget.

However, please click on INFO & FAQs for more details.

We hope you enjoyed the information. If you find this information helpful, please share it with your friends and help us to improve this website.

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