Telenor online Number Booking 2021 – Telenor online SIM delivery service Details

Telenor online Number Booking 2021
Telenor online Number Booking 2021

Telenor online Number Booking

Get your new Telenor prepaid or postpaid SIM with the most recent Telenor Online Number Booking service. Select your own number brilliant number:

Now it is very easy to choose the SIM number of your choice. Telenor has recently launched an online portal through which we can create prepaid or postpaid versions from our numbers.

SIM buyers will have to make a number with the first 4 digits (previous) and the last 7 digits (suffix) of their desire. They can also choose the number already on the screen and all those numbers are available at a lower price.

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Telenor online number booking

Here are the steps to pick a number from the list and place an order with a step-by-step guide:

See "Get my SIM"

Select any number

Click the Next button

Enter details in "Your Chart"

Enter "Name, Number and Address"

Choose the payment method below

Click "Place Order."

Telenor online number booking portal

Note: This is a way to order the number provided by the network. You can also create your own number and place an order using the procedure below.

Design number and order

In the second step you are learning how to "multiple designs of your choice and how to order it online" with full details:

See "Get my SIM"

Now select any "Previous".

Select the 7 digits of the "suffix"

Click the "Search" button

Select your "Delivery City"

Enter details in "Your Chart"

Enter "Name, Number and Address"

Choose the payment method below

Click "Place Order."

Prepaid Number Generator

Get a postpaid SIM

The same methods we used above also work to find a postpaid SIM number for a Telenor buyer. So if you want to get the postpaid number of your choice, check out the page with the link above.

Methods of payment

Creating Your Multiple Wish You can choose between the two available payment methods "Cash on Delivery" or "Online Payment".

Terms & Conditions

  • The golden number will receive an additional price.
  • Will generate the value of the network number.
  • There are additional charges for postpaid customers.
  • Visit the official website for more details.

Telenor online SIM delivery service Details 

Telenor Pakistan has introduced a new online service for its customers, the main features of this service are online SIM booking and mobile number portability (MNP) which is called SIM delivery service with home delivery facility. Customers will now be able to book, shop, and join the Telenor Pakistan Network from the comfort of their own homes.

Telenor online service

Using this service, customers can now easily book their Telenor Pakistan prepaid number online through the SIM Delivery Service website and deliver the SIM to their doorstep without any additional cost or hassle.

The new service also offers the option to choose the number of your choice, including the 0345 prime code. Through the Telenor Pakistan Helpline, customers can also book their favorite numbers by calling 345 for existing Telenor Pakistan subscribers or 111-345-100 for other subscribers.

With the facility of cash on delivery, all confirmed orders will be delivered to the customers within 24 hours. No additional shipping charges apply to these sales while delivery service is available in 17 metro cities. Users can also use this service to port their numbers to Telenor Pakistan Network and get its advanced packages and services.

Online booking will require details such as name, CNIC, address, and another contact number, and at the time of delivery, the user must show the original CNIC and hand over the CNIC copy to the delivery officer. The activation process will remain the same by calling 789.

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