Telenor Smart tune unsub code 2021 | How to Deactivate Telenor Smart Tune

Telenor Smart tune unsub code 2021
Telenor Smart tune unsub code 2021

Telenor Smart Tune Un-Subscribe Code 2021. 

This article has answered a common question with the code "unsubscribe from Telenor Smart Tune". Take a look at the Smart Tune inactive code.

If you're looking for a Telenor Smart Tune trick or inactive code, you're on the right page. Today we are going to answer this important question. It is frequently asked or searched on Google. That's why we've outlined a complete procedure with pictures for your guide.

Telenor Smart Tune is basically a voiceover technology set up on your Telenor number. Whenever a user calls your number, the caller will listen to your song, naat, Noha, Kalams, poems, or whatever you set to your number.

So this is the best way to show your personality or attitude type. Be romantic, religious, or show your culture with Smart Tune. However, many times this offer creates instability for consumers. You cannot terminate the service to disable uncertainty.

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Un-Subscribe to Telenor Smart Tune

Are you tired of your caller tune? No problem because here we have the code to unsubscribe from Telenor Smart Tune. Full details are given below along with step-by-step details.

To unsubscribe from Telenor Smart Tune, dial * 230 * 001 #.

The Deactivation notification will confirm the offer has been deactivated.

These Unsubscription charges are PKR 0.05

Note: The service disables code is only suitable for Deactivating Smart tunes.

Full Detail

Subscribe Code*230*000#
Subscription ChargesRs.1.79/ Day
Un-Subscription ChargesRs.5/ tax

Terms & Conditions

Users can activate PKR 2 / day service.

The inactivity charge is PKR 0.05.

Subscribers can set the desired tune by dialing the helpline.

The Telenor Customer Care Helpline is 1700.

The caller will receive a set tune on each call.

Dial * 230 * 001 # to disable Smart Tune.

Click on the official website link for full details.

Smart Tunes

Rs 1.79 is included. Tax

Telenor Smart Tones lets your friends and family listen to your favorite tunes every time they call you.


Caller tunes are never more interesting.

Telenor Smart Tones lets your friends and family hear you every time call you.

During the holy month of Ramadan, get all Islamic smart gestures for free!

(Daily subscription charges will apply)

Subscription Type

Subscription Code = *230*000#

Subscription Charges = Rs. 2/ Day

Un-Subscription Code = *230*001#

Un-Subscription Charges =  Rs.5

* Charges include taxes

To buy the new smart tone:

SMS 'ST <Smarton Code>' to 230

For example: ST xxxxxxxxxx

Or dial 230 (Rs. 1.20 tax including a call-up fee)

Or send SMS to 230 (12 paise with tax)

Or visit and log in to the Smart Tunes portal by clicking here

Star Key Feature:

When listening to a call before answering any Smart Tune, press * to subscribe and set it as your Smart Tone!

To Gift a Smart Tune to Your Friend:

230 Example from SMS ‘Gift <Smartphone Code> <Friend Phone Number>’: Gift xxxxxxxxx 0345xxxxxxx

Or dial 230 (Rs. 1.20 tax including a call-up fee)

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