Ufone Caller Tunes Unsubscribe Code | Ufone UTunes Unsubscribe code 2021

Ufone UTunes Unsubscribe code 2021
Ufone UTunes Unsubscribe code 2021 


Let your friends and family hear your favorite tunes whenever they call U!

  • Select Utune from the Content Library, select the weekly package that changes your Utune on a weekly basis
  •   Create your own voice and do a lot to give your callers a personal touch.
  • 1.5+ tax / day (prepaid and postpaid)
  • Call Charges 6666 - Rs. 2.99 + tax (prepaid) and Rs. 2.5+ Taxes (Post P)
  • SMS ‘SUB’ to 6666 or dial * 6666 # or visit your nearest Ufone Sales & Service Center, Franchise, or Retailer.
  • To unsubscribe from Utune, type "UNSUB" and send it to 6666.

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Additional information

One key copy and activation (while listening * Press to activate UTunes service and your friends to copy UTunes *)

You can offer UTune to a friend

You can record your UTune on the 666 IVR

How to buy new UTunes

Send SMS to 6666 in SMS type "Utune Code"

Or dial 6666 and listen to the wide range of UTune

How to gift

SMS 6666 to "Gifttune code <friend number =" ">" 6666

The friend must be a subscriber to UTune.

Rs 6.98 will be received as a gift on Prepaid-Utune.

Post Paid gift will cost Rs.5.84 / - from Utune.

Terms & Conditions

Ufone reserves the right to run Utunes promotions on Utunes content.

To unsubscribe from Utunes send SMS to 6666 "Unsubscribe".

Your SIM is your identity, use only biometric verification - SIMs issued by PTA

UTunes Sub & Unsub, Charges, Utune Gift, Full Detail

SUBSCRIBE CODE:Dial *6666# or Send Message "Sub" to *6666#
UNSUBSCRIBE CODE:Type "UNSUB" And Send to *6666#
UTUNES GIFT:SMS “GiftUTune Code<friend’s number=””>” to 6666

Ufone Caller Tune Ringtone 6666 - Sub & unsub UTunes

Get Ufone Caller Tune Ringtone Naat/Song/Nohy/Kalams on your prepaid or postpaid Ufone number for less daily and weekly charges. Ufone now offers two basic tunes in which you can get ringtones from the extensive library of YouTube. You can also set your Ufone ringtone to your voice with the latest "Record Your Voice" service. Both services have the same charges.

Both Ufone prepaid and postpaid SIM users can get caller tones. However, it is important to note that the company will receive different charges each week from prepaid or postpaid customers.

Full details about Utunes, subscriptions, unsubscribe codes, and charges are lined up below.

Ufone Caller Tune SUB Code

To subscribe to Ufone Caller Tune ringtone on the prepaid or postpaid number, please dial * 6666 # or SMS "SUB" to 6666.

Ufone - Caller Tune UNSUB

You can unsubscribe from this service by sending "UNSUB" to 6666. This code is suitable for both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards.

Ufone caller tune charges

As you know, this service is designed for both Ufone prepaid and postpaid numbers. So you can activate this service on any number. However, the charges for this service are PKR 1.5+ tax per day on any SIM card.

Listen to all the UTunes

You can listen to all Utunes ringtones (songs / naats / qawwalis / laments) by dialing 6666.

So just listen to a ringtone and select and activate it.

How to Gift the Utunes to Your friends

All users can also give Utune gifts to their friends who activate this service on their numbers.

You can easily send a gift via SMS to "Gifttune code <friend number> 6666".

The gift service will receive PKR 6.98 on postpaid numbers and PKR 5.84 on postpaid numbers.

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