Zong My tune Unsubscribe code 2021 | How to Deactivate Zong Caller tune

Zong My tune Unsubscribe code 2021
Zong My tune Unsubscribe code 2021

How to Unsubscribe from Zong Caller Tune

Here you will find the complete way to disable Zong Caller Tune. If you do not want your friends and family to listen to the current Tunes that you have purchased and do not know how to get rid of them. By following the steps outlined here, you can deactivate the zong dial tune. To remove the Zong caller tune, type UNSUB, and send to 230

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Unsubscribe from ZongTune 2021

Zong caller tune is a feature that allows the user to choose a song, music, or audio that callers listen to. Ramadan is just around the corner, and we Muslims refrain from listening to music and singing during this holy month of Ramadan.

If you want to unsubscribe from Zong Tune, you will find the most authoritative latest method here.

How to unsubscribe from Zong Dial Tune - Zong collar tune kesy hataye

To disable the Zong Dial tune, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to phone messages
  • Now Write a new message Open
  • Type" UNSUB" And
  • send it to 230

By following the procedure above, you can deactivate Zong Dial Tune.

Zong Dial Tunes for Your Callers. Complete guide

Do you want your caller to listen to Zong Dial tones(Latest new songs, melodies, hymns, national anthems, your own recorded message, etc.)Sounds like a "TT dial tone" instead of boring? OK, if so, keep reading this post.

How to activate?

To activate Zong dial tune, just dial 230 from your Zong number and send it to 230 to subscribe to Zong dial tunes or Send SMS "SUB" to 230. 

Please note, activating the Zong Dial Tone service is not sufficient. Once activated, you must select a zong dial tone. The procedure is given below.

How to choose Zong dial tones

Make sure you have activated Zong Dial Tunes by dialing 230 and you have received a confirmation message from Zong that your Zong Dial tunes are now enabled. 

Once the service is activated, you can select and purchase the dial Tune of your choice by dialing 230. 

Choose your favorite song from the various categories available. But it will cost you a lot (Rs. 5 per minute), and you can get involved in choosing your Zong tune in real-time.

 (Make sure you have enough balance, otherwise, your Call will be disconnected after hitting zero balance) 

Instead, go to this website: http://crbt.zong.com.pk and note your favorite zong dial tune ID and SMS ID at 230.

You can also choose your favorite Zong Dial Tune By One keypress option.

When you call a zong number, and if you like their zong dial tone, just press the "#" button. Easy!

Selection of Zong Dial Tune by Website

Users can also visit the Zong Dial Tunes website http://crbt.zong.com.pk with amazing features to enable dial tunes, edit their albums, and other interesting services.

Zong dial tune charges

Daily subscription fee Rs. 1 + tax

Charge 5 / Download the song

IVR (call 230) will cost you 5 / min + tax

Assign different Zong dial tones to different callers

You can do this either by calling 230 or via Vesting http://crbt.zong.com.pk

Assign all callers with the same zong dial gestures

Or you can assign individual callers with different zong dial tones.


You can select an unlimited number of Zong Dial Tunes, but keep in mind that each Zong Dial Tune will cost you. 5 / per song

Zong dial tone will be played even if your number is busy or on another call.

Your Zong Dial indicator will only be valid for a specific day after purchase.

Each Zong dial tone will have to be repurchased to extend the validity period. This means you will have to spend an additional Rs. After a fixed amount of 5 periods.

(To check the expiration date of purchased Zong dial tones, visit http://crbt.zong.com.pk where the expiration date of each gong dial is stated in front of each Zong dial tone Is)

Zong dial signals cannot be assigned to international numbers. So when they call, they will head to the standard dial tune.

How to unsubscribe from Zong Dial Tune

Dial 230 directly and select Subscribe or send an SMS to <UNR> 230

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. How do I subscribe to Zong Dial Tones?

Answer. Just dial 2300 absolutely free and follow the instructions to purchase and assign Zong Dial Tune to your friends and family. The other way is to send SUB or 1 for a daily package and 2 to 2300 for a monthly package. You can also subscribe through dialing this code * 2300 #

Question. How many callers Can I assign Zong dial tones?

Answer. You can assign zong dial tunes to any of the following. 

All Callers - Assign a zong dial tune to all callers.

Individual caller. Assign different zong dial tones to different callers. 

When they call you, each of these callers will play the zong dial melody that you have assigned.

Question. How can I buy a specific tune?

Answer. There are different ways to buy Zong Dial tune. You can visit Zong Dial Tune Portal, you can dial 2300, or dial * 2300 # or send the Tune ID code via SMS to 2300.

Question. Is there a limit on purchase a Zong dial tune at a time?

Answer. No, there is no limit. You can buy as many indicators as you want.

Question. Will my Zong Dial Tune ever end/expired?

Answer. Yes, your Zong Dial tune will only be valid for 90 days after purchase. Each Zong Dial tune will have to be repurchased after 90 days to extend the validity period.

Question. How will a subscriber know What is the expiration date of each Zong Dial Tunes/ Individual Zong Dial Tune?

Answer. To find out about the expiration of Zong Dial Tune, visit the Zong Dial Tune website and see the remaining time for the expiration of your purchased Zong Dial Tune mentioned above.

Question. Is it possible that I don't want Zong Dial Tone to be played on a particular number?

Answer. You can purchase a normal bell/dial tune as content and then assign it to a specific caller as a standard Zong dial tune. The usual bell/dial tone Zong dial tune brand name can be found under the themes category

Question. Is it possible that on one number I don't want Zong Dial Tunes to be played?

Answer. You can buy a normal bell/dial tone as content and then assign it to a special caller as a standard Zong dial tune. The usual bell/dial Tunes Zong Dial Tunes brand name can be found under the Themes category

Question. What if the Zong dial tune assigned to a particular user has expired?

Answer. When the Zong dial tune assigned to a particular user expires, that person will hear the standard Zong dial tune.

Question. Can I assign Zong dial tunes to international numbers?

Answer Yes, Zong Dial Tune cannot be assigned to international numbers

Terms & Conditions

The above taxes/charges will apply:

Advanced Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% is applicable on each recharge

19.5% sales tax (GST) is applicable on usage

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