Jazz Super Chenab Offer – Twin City Acquisition Offer

Jazz Super Chenab Offer 2021

Jazz Super Chenab Offer 2021

Mobilink Jazz has launched the Jazz Super Chenab offer or it is also known as the twin city acquisition offer in location-based offers for PKR60.

All the residents of Chenab and its neighboring cities are ready to take advantage of this amazing offer. This offer is offering all kinds of discounts at a fixed low price for the maximum valid time. Here we have discussed the details along with the subscription code and check code. This offer is valid in selected cities with only fixed prices and discounts.

Jazz Warid users in 11 selected cities can activate this bundle. We have highlighted the contents of the table below the names of all these cities. So if you live in one of these selected cities, don't miss the opportunity to get a weekly bundle for Rs 60 each.

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Jazz Super Chenab Offer

This package allows users to use 6 GB data MB, 600 Jazz minutes, 600 SMS, and 30 other network minutes to make calls to all networks (Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and PTCL). Enables These benefits will work without interruption for 7 days. Therefore, it is a weekly sub-package for selected cities only.

Jazz Super Chenab Offer 2021 Detail

How to Subscribe:Dial *664#
Price:Rs. 60 (Incl. Tax)
Valid:7 days (1 week)
Internet Data:

6 GB Data 

ON-Net Minutes:600 Minutes
Text Messages:600
Status Code:*664*2#
off-Net Minutes:30 Minutes

Jazz Super Chenab Offer Price

This offer is only available for PKR60. Yes! You can get all these bundles of benefits for only Rs 60 which includes all kinds of taxes. But here you have to recharge PKR70 in your own account to pay extra tax and activate this hybrid package on your SIM.

This offer is Also Working In These Cities  

These are the places or cities where this offer is worth subscribing to. If you live in one of these cities, you are eligible to subscribe to this offer.

  • Chenab Nagar
  • Mathruma
  • Darul Sadr
  • Jamiabad
  • Kot Syed Jalal
  • Ahmednagar
  • Jhok Kalra
  • Bhuwana
  • Chiniot
  • Rabwa
  • Laliyan


If you live in one of the cities mentioned above, you can dial * 664 # and subscribe to this package. In addition, if you still have questions, you can click here for more details with info and questions.

Jazz Super Chenab Offer

The offer of Mobilink Jazz Super Chenab is one of the most exciting Jose Daily packages that can only be selected in selected cities. It includes all the services that someone needs to stay connected to the world. If you are thinking about its 'cost' then it is surprisingly cheap (only RS.50) and offers a lot of services. Subscribe to it and get the most out of it!

Includes selected cities

Chiniot, Rabwah, Lalian, Bhavana, Jamabad, Jhak Kalra, Mathrama, Darul Sadr, Ahmednagar, Chenab Nagar, Kot Syed Jalal.

Details and bundle information:

This Mobilink Jazz Super Chenab offer is valid for 1 week (7 days). This Mobilink jazz internet, call, and SMS package costs only Rs. 50 / = (inclusive of tax) After subscription, you'll get 6GB of data, 600 SMS to all networks, 600 jazz minutes, and 30 other network minutes. This bundle is a great offer for people who like to talk on call, talk on SMS, and keep up with the latest social media updates.

How to subscribe?

Jazz has introduced Mobilink Jazz Super Chenab which includes 6 GB data, 600 SMS, 600 Jazz minutes, and 30 other network minutes with 7 second day (1 week) validity. All you need to do is just dial the subscription Service code (* 664 #) and enjoy the largest pack of Internet MBS, Text Messages, and Calling minutes for just RS 50.00 / = (Inc. tax).

  • Package Name Jazz Super Chenab Offer
  • Subscription Fees  Rs.50 (Incl. Tax)
  • Valid Date     7 Days
  • Internet MBs  6 GB
  • Jazz Minutes 600 Jazz Mins
  • Text SMS 600
  • Subscription Code *664#
  • Un-Subscription Code *664*4#
  • Status Code *664*2#
  • Other Mints 30
  • More Package  Dial *444#

To avail of this Jazz Super Chenab offer, dial the subscription code (* 664 #) free of cost. If you wish to subscribe to this package, dial these subscription codes (* 664 * 4 #). In case of any problem, you can go to Jazz Helpline 111, visit the Jazz franchise or get help from its official website.

Summary details:

  • You will get a bundle of 6GB data, 600 SMS, 600 Jazz minutes, and 30 other network minutes to all networks.
  • This Package is only valid for 7 days (1 week).
  • Offer only in Chiniot, Rabwah, Lalian, Bhavana, Jamabad, Jhak Kalra, Mathrama, Darul Sadr, Ahmednagar, Chenab Nagar, Kot Syed Jalal.
  • The price of this Mobilink jazz call, SMS, and internet bundle is Just Rs. 50 / = (tax tax)
  • You can take advantage of this Jazz Call Package, Jazz SMS Package, and Jazz Internet Package by dialing the subscription code (* 664 #) from the phonebook.
  • To unsubscribe from this package, dial the subscription Service code (* 664 * 4 #).
  • To check the remaining MB, SMS, or minute details, dial the status code (* 664 * 2).

Terms & Conditions:

  • By dialing the code to check the remaining MBs, your balance will be reduced by 0.6 RS.
  • The Company may withdraw this offer at any time.
  • If you want to re-subscribe to this package and do not have sufficient balance for re-subscription then recharge your balance and then dial the package subscription code (* 664 #).
  • If you use Internet data without subscribing to any internet package, you will be deducted 5 SB / MB and data speed will be 512 KB.
  • Internet Data offer can be used in 2G / 3G / 4G network areas.


This article is for general information only, in which we have provided details of Jazz Super Chenab's offer. All tax information and prices included in this article are given as of now. Jazz brings new updates from time to time following the tax and pricing information provided in our article.

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