Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB – Ultra Plus

Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB
Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB

Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB

With the latest 4G Ultra Plus, you will be able to activate the Telenor monthly internet package of 50GB for only Rs.700. The package code is mentioned below.

Up to 30 days a month, a user will get 50 GB. So this is the best internet 4G package for all Telenor data users. This package is a monthly day and night internet package, which is why the network has set aside a special time for the first and second time to use the internet at special times. Here we have given you the full details below.

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Telenor monthly internet package

Subscribe to Telenor's monthly internet package and get 50 GB internet for 30 days And it will work on MB 4G devices. With a total of 50 GB and half 4 GB of internet, 25 GB will work all day.  A total of 50 GB to half 4G internet will work 25 GB a day, on the other hand,,, 25 GB will be valid for 1 month daily from 1 am to 11 pm.

Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Plus

The official name of this package is "Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Plus" but because of its 50GB data scheme, everyone knows it with the 50GB monthly data package. We have described it above and the full details in this chart are:

Telenor Monthly Internet Package 2021 full Detail

How to Subscribe:

Dial *303#

Price:Rs. 700 (Incl. Tax)
Valid:30 day (one month)
Internet Data:


Recharge Required:Rs. 720 
Status Code:*123#
Check Remaining MBs:Dial *999#

Monthly day and night

This is a monthly day and night internet Bundle. As discussed above, 50GB of total data is data. Therefore, a user will enjoy 25GB of daytime and 25GB of data at night. If you have used all the MB during the day, the remaining 25 GB will only work at night. Therefore, we advise our dear visitors to keep their data usage at a balanced level as no more MBS will be allotted in the user's account.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only internet MBs will be allotted in this package.
  • The total data is divided into two parts.
  • You can use the internet from both parts of their time.
  • Internet subscription expires 30 days later.
  • Subscribers must have a PKR720 to activate this offer.
  • For more deep details, you can visit the Telenor official website here.

4G Monthly Ultra Plus

Here's the best monthly internet package to set yourself up! 50 GB for stress-free browsing, streaming, video chatting, and more!


MORE Se Zyada offer is the best monthly internet offer for streaming, video calling, chatting, and more! Subscribe now for 50 GB (including 25 GB 1 AM - 11 AM) and stress-free browsing.


This offer subscription is valid for One Month (30 days).

How to Subscribe

  • If you Want to Subscribe to This Offer So Dial this ussd code o your Telenor Sim Dial *303#
  • In this offer, you Get Internet 50 GB (incl. 25 GB 1AM-11AM).
  • This offer Validity 30 Days You can enjoy and do whatever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the charge once the bundle expires?

Four hundred rupees will be charged from the customers. 4.8 / MB included. After the tax bundle expires.

How can the money be paid?

Once the bundle is subscribed, no payment can be made

How do I check for ongoing resources?

The remaining MB can be checked via * 999 #

The remaining minutes can be checked by # 222 #

The rest can be checked via SMS * 111 #

The rest of the balance can be checked through * 444 #

The rest of the offer resources can be checked through * 123 #

How will the offer be terminated?

The offer will automatically be unsubscribed once it expires

Terms & Conditions

  • This package can be subscribed multiple times within the validation
  • Upon re-subscribing within the endorsement, the offer will then be valid for 30 days (last night until midnight 23:59)
  • (Packages) Bundles are subject to change at any time
  • The billing system allocates a portion of the available MB data resources of your package at the time of opening / accessing each application or website on the device resulting in the allocation of all available MB bundles in all these used cases. Can be
  • Therefore, compensation at the standard rate may apply if another data usage case/app/website is accessed.
  • Once the standard rate starts charging, a reminder will be sent as a notification along with relevant offers to avoid further consumption at the standard rate.
  • Consumers will be informed about the use of resources at 80% and 100% consumption from the bundle so that immediate action can be taken to avoid standard rate charging.
  • An additional package provides hedging against accidental standard rate charging:

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