Ufone Introduces Super Card Max For PKR 799 Monthly

Ufone Introduces Super Card Max 2021
Ufone Introduces Super Card Max 2021


Ufone Introduces Super Card Max 2021

The "Ufone Super Card Family" is the fourth new addition since the launch of the Ufone Super Card Max, which is only available at 799.

Get a new monthly Innocent Multiple Incentive Card at an affordable price of Rs. 799. Ufone has launched the best card for its customers to spend their best month ever. Today, the network has proved this by launching more and more cards as the fourth member of the card family.

In fact, the card system was introduced in Pakistan many years ago when Pakistani women wanted to get incentives from the network sitting at home. Observing this situation, all Pakistani telecommunication networks had introduced a card system for monthly resources. This card is also the result of such a system introduced a few years ago. Let's talk about today's topic in detail below.

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Ufone Super Card Max

Basically, Ufone Super Card Max is a monthly card that offers unlimited online network + PTCL calls, 250 minutes, 4,500 SMS, and 4GB internet for all other networks in Pakistan. does. This 4GB internet comes with unlimited social media website Facebook for 30 days. The maximum monthly card price is PKR 799 and users have to dial * 629 # to activate this card.

Ufone Super Card Max 2021

How to Subscribe:Dial *629#
Price:Rs. 799 (Incl. Tax)
Valid:30 days (1 Month)
Internet Data:


Off-Net Minutes:250 Minutes
Text Messages:4500
Facebook MBs:Unlimited

On-Net + PTCL Call:


Fair use policy

In these monthly incentives, a fair use policy applies to MBs and minutes. As you know, most card buyers will get unlimited PTCL and Ufone minutes but according to the fair use policy, the user will be able to call up to 4,800 minutes. On the other hand, this policy will also apply to Internet MB, users will be able to use Facebook with only 5 GB of internet.

Check the Status

You can check the remaining MB, SMS, and minutes of Ufone Super Card Max by dialing * 706 # for free. You can also use the "Ufone App" to check out the rest of the benefits.

Additional Information

  • ULoad also supports SuperCard Gold, SuperCard Max, SuperCard Plus, Mini SuperCard, SuperMint, and Super Internet.
  • Under the bill payment option, Super Card Gold, Super Card Max, Super Card Plus, and Mini Super Card can also be purchased through credit/debit card through My Ufone app.
  • Check out your nearest retailer to take advantage of Super Family offers
  • To find out about the remaining minutes, SMS, and Internet MB, dial * 706 # or download the My Ufone app to check with other resource verifications.
  • Details of my Ufone app download are available at http://ufone.com/support/my-ufone-app/

Terms & Conditions

  • ULoad also offers Super Card Max.
  • Buy and activate this card through the "Ufone App".
  • Offers are only for prepaid customers
  • There are no additional taxes or charges for Super Card Gold, Super Card Max, Super Card Plus, Mini Super Card, Super Mint, and Super Internet.
  • There will be no call-up fee charges
  • Super Card Plus, Super Card Gold, and Super Card Max are valid for 30 days
  • The validity of Super Minute and Super Internet is 7 days
  • Super recharge accuracy is 48 hours
  • After consuming the offer volume, the Internet will remain active and will be charged at a default rate. 2.75 + tax per MB on 512 Kb charging pulse (https://ufone.com/support/tax/). On using 25 MB, you will get 150 MB for free till midnight, etc.
  • All calls on PTCL predecessors are free of charge. Click here to see the previous list.
  • Voice buckets, shortcodes, calls to UAN, and NTC numbers are not included in this offer.
  • Your SIM is your identity, use only biometric verification - SIMs issued by PTA
  • This is valid for 30 days (monthly super card)
  • Please visit the official website (INFO & FAQs) for more details.

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