Zong Combo Pack – 15 Days Voice & Internet Package

Zong Combo Pack – 15 Days Voice & Internet Package
Zong Combo Pack – 15 Days Voice & Internet Package

Zong Combo Pack 2021

This post mentions the Zong combo pack code with incentive details. Now get all the minutes and data of the network in a combo offer.

As we all know, Zong always launches the best internet packages. In addition to calls, the latest calling bundles have also been launched. But no network has introduced both data + all net minutes in the combo offer. Therefore, Zong has made the latest combination of both Internet and Call Minute suitable for all networks.

In 2021, Zong4G has launched the "Zong Combo" package. This package is an all-rounder bundle. You want to call an on-net or off-net number or use the Internet. Both conditions are correct in this bundle. On the other hand, the specially designed scope of the scroll bundle makes it special.

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Zong Combo Pack Full Details

Please subscribe to Zong Combo Pack by dialing * 15 # and get 3GB (3000MB) data + 50 minutes for all networks.

After purchase, this bundle is suitable for 15 days.

Zong Combo Pack Detail

How to Subscribe:Dial *15#
Validity:15 Days
Internet Data:3GB
All-Net Minutes:50Minutes

Unique Validity

This scroll offer is valid for 15 days. This is a unique bundle that is launched for a half month accuracy. So stay in touch with your loved ones through data online calls and net minutes.

Data and Minutes

Zong's customers are always connected with the best network coverage and package. If we talk about caller bundles, it is clear that online calls on the network are very cheap. In addition, data bundles also top the list in terms of their maximum incentives and low prices.

It is worth mentioning that Zong has launched a half-month (15 days) voice and data package which is now in the era of the telecom industry. In the telecom industry, a package is never valid for 15 days, whether it is a call or a data package has been launched. Therefore, Zong is the best network in Pakistan that provides basic and cheap packages to all customers.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for prepaid customers only
  • The offer is not auto-recurring
  • 1 + of the bundle charge for data applies to tax / MB
  • PKR 0.15 call setup charges apply to every incoming call
  • The above taxes/charges will apply:
  • 19.5% sales tax (GST) applies to usage (if applicable).
  • An Advanced Income Tax (AIT) rate of 10% is applicable on each recharge.
  • 16 F Feed usage applies to usage (where applicable).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there call setup charges?

Answer: Yes, PKR 0.15 call setup charges apply to every incoming call

Question: What happens if the 3,000 MB mobile internet volume runs out before the bundle ends?

Answer: If you subscribe to an offer with the right mobile internet resources, then that mobile internet volume will be used. If not, the bundle rate will apply outside. 1 + tax / MB till combo pack expires

Question: Can this bundle be made a buyer within re-validation?

Answer: Yes. This bundle can be subscribed for a maximum of 3 validation periods.

Question: Is this bundle auto-renewable?

Answer: No


We offer this to Zong SIM users who activate the data bundle and call bundle separately. So this bundle will prove to be cheap and also has a maximum validity of 15 days. Click here for more details on the official Zong websites.

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