Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes Code – Free Calls Trick

Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes Code
Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes Code

Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes Code 2021

After 100 free minutes of Zong Daily, online network calling has become easy. You can call with zero balance with a free voice bundle on daily basis.

Basically, the network provided 100 minutes per day to attract all users to this free offer. Due to multiple activations of the daily bundle free call, the network has halved the offer and reduced the daily free from 100 minutes to 20 minutes.

You can activate this offer for free daily and also call all online network numbers. But according to Zong's new policy, you will only get 20 free minutes a day. So this is a free 20-minute bundle known for offering its former name "Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes" voice call.

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Zong Daily 100 free minutes

We've highlighted this free bundle and it's only 20 minutes. So to activate the Zong Daily 20 free minute offer, please dial * 45 # for free.

Zong Free Minutes Codes & Full Detail

How To Subscribe:Dial *45#
Minutes:20 Minutes
Sub SMS:FVO to 6464

Note: Buyer will receive 20 free minutes.

Activation code and SMS

Activate Zong Daily 100 free minutes by dialing * 45 # or send SMS "FVO" to 6464 for free. You will receive a confirmation SMS with full details of the online network minutes received for one day.

Zong 2 Zong Call

Customers are being allotted the correct minutes to call the zoning number only. So this is a network calling bundle that you can activate daily to get 20 minutes to make a call.

Call setup charges

This bundle is specially designed for those Zong users who do not have enough balance to make instant calls on a daily basis. So in a short 20 minutes, you can make short calls without any setup fee. Stay in touch with your loved ones through Zong 4G.

Terms & Conditions

  • The call setup fee does not apply.
  • The minutes will expire in 24 hours.
  • This package is for prepaid customers.
  • Calls will be forwarded to the Zong number.
  • This is Zong's offer of a free voice call.
  • Click here to check out more information and questions.

Zong Daily Free Minutes With Daily Free Voice Offer

China Telecom Operator Zong has come up with an interesting offer to offer its customers Zong Daily Free Minute for zero charges. The name of the offer is Zong Daily Free Voice Offer. Now, you can get from Zong to Zong for free up to 20 minutes daily without any charge or service fee.

According to the Daily Free Voice Offer, Zong users will receive 20 free minutes daily and will be able to make free calls to Zong anywhere and anytime. It is important to note that this offer has zero charges and will be available to Zong prepaid customers. Zong has made this offer considering the current Coronavirus lockdown situation. Also, this offer will be available to Zong customers once a day. The appealing news is that there are no call-up charges. Zong announced the offer on Twitter.

Telecom operators are aggressively participating and taking great care of their customers in the age of global virus infection. Earlier, Jazz introduced the "Work from Home Internet Package" and now, Zong brings the audio package in free minutes. Everyone is doing their part at this critical time.

How to activate the Zong Daily free voice offer:

All you need to do is dial * 45 # from your mobile phone

likewise, you can activate this offer by sending SMS "FVO" to 6464

Accuracy is 1 day so you have to dial * 45 # every day to activate this offer

The price of this offer is zero so don't worry about recharging

Further details:

This offer is available for Zong 2G / 3G / 4G customers

There are no call setup charges for this offer

You can take advantage of this offer with any other bundle

Free minutes can be checked by dialing * 102 # and from the "My Zong" app

You cannot subscribe to this offer more than once a day

For more details on this offer, you can dial 310 from your Zong number

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