Zong Hafizabad Offer – Weekly Package Price & Full Details

Zong Hafizabad offer Weekly package 2021
Zong Hafizabad offer Weekly package 2021

Zong Hafizabad offer Weekly package 2021

If you live in Hafizabad, get ready as we have been told to subscribe to the Zong Hafizabad offer and subscribe details.

Hafizabad is considered a big city in Pakistan. Due to its population, every network in Pakistan has done its best to offer offers and packages for this special city to get maximum customers from this city. Due to its large contribution to the Pakistani economy, Hafizabad has an important place in Pakistan. That is why Zong has included this city in its state-of-the-art location packages and has launched a special package only for this city (tehsil).

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Zong Hafizabad offer

Dial * 4488 # and subscribe to Zong Hafizabad offer which offers 3GB, 300 SMS, 300 Zong minutes, and 30 other network minutes for just 60 rupees for the whole week. Yes! Weekly zong networking in Hafizabad has become much easier due to these huge concessions at the lowest rates offered in history.

Bundle Description

According to its exact details, this weekly bundle requires PKR65 to be activated on the user's account. However, after purchasing it, you will receive all kinds of incentives that are usable on any SIM. Let's take a look at the details of the bundle:

Zong Hafizabad Offer 2021

How to Subscribe:Dial *4488#
Price:Rs. 60 (Incl. Tax)
Valid:7 days (1 week)
Internet Data:

3 GB Data 

ON-Net Minutes:300 Minutes
Text Messages:300
OFF-Net Minutes:30 Minutes

Active offer

There are three basic ways to activate the Zong Hafizabad offer on your Zong prepaid number at an affordable price:

  • Via code * 4488 #
  • Subscribe through the official website
  • Use the "My Zong App" to activate the offer

Check out the benefits

No official check code has been introduced on the network's website but here are 100 valid tricks that Zong started to check the details of all dynamic bundles for free (minutes, MB, SMS) Is. Just use the "My Zong App" and get the full bundle of the rest of the information on the next page.

Only Hafizabad

The last and most important term to remember is area coverage. Yes! This bundle only works within the limits of Hafizabad. You can activate it if you live in this city, this offer is not for you if you live in another city. Click here for the official terms and conditions of the website.

Terms & Conditions

  • The bundle rate for data is 1 + tax / MB while for off-net bundle rates, camel and SMS will be charged according to the user's default package.
  • Only residents of these cities will be eligible to accept these offers.
  • 19.5% sales tax (GST) applies to usage (if applicable).
  • An advance income tax (AIT) rate of 10% is applicable on each recharge.
  • 16 F Feed usage applies to usage (where applicable).

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