Zong Jhang Offer – Weekly Jhang 80 Rupees Bundle

Zong Jhang Offer – Weekly Jhang 80 Rupees Bundle
Zong Jhang Offer – Weekly Jhang 80 Rupees Bundle

Zong Jhang Offer 2021 – Weekly Jhang 80 Rupees Bundle

For Rs 80, you can avail 7 days validity with 5 GB internet, 300 SMS, 300 Zong minutes, and 20 off-net minutes Zong Jhang offer.

The Jhang City bundle is added to the list of bundles of selected Zong cities, or more commonly known as the Zong location-based offer. This bundle is only available during the weekly accuracy period. However, it is in the headlines that the network will launch its daily and monthly legitimate packages in the future.

Our topic today is a special weekly bundle of Rs 80 Zong which comes with all the benefits of Hybrid at one affordable price for one week. Let's take a look at the price, code, and details of the bundle.

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Zong Jhang's offer

As we have highlighted above, this is a 7 day (weekly) bundle which offers MB for Rs.5000, 300 SMS + Zong minutes, 20 other network minutes for Rs.80.

Zong Jhang Offer Detail

Subscribe Code:*4499#
Validity:7 Days
Internet Data:5GB
ON-Net Minutes:300Minutes
off-Net Minutes:20Minutes
Status Code:Zong app

Note: This is a weekly bundle for prepaid customers.

One in all weekly

This is a bundle of seven days because when we see that the offer comes with internet, SMS, minutes, and maximum authenticity then it is said that every user of Jhang can enjoy the real benefits. Must have tried this bundle at least once. Fun.

Jhang Activators

Yes! From the name of this bundle, it is clear that only the people living in Jhang have the right to activate this offer. Otherwise, you are not eligible for this amazing weekly bundle. This offer proves that all the inhabitants of the native Jhang land will enjoy a bundle of quality services and mindfulness for 7 days.

Terms & Conditions

Call set up charges will apply.

Offer available to prepaid customers.

Only Jhang residents can activate the weekly bundle.

For more details, you can click here for information and FAQ.

Zong Apna Shehr Chiniot and Apna Shehr Jhang Offers

Zong4G offers unbeatable calls and data for Chiniot and Jhang. Since Zong Aap offers the city of Chiniot and Zong Aap offers the city of Jhang for only Rs. 60 per week, which is based on its mission to empower Pakistanis in the high length and breadth of Pakistan.

Zong offers you the city of Chiniot and your city Jhang The city of Zong offers Jhang

Named 'Apna Shahar Chiniot' and 'Apna Shahar Jhang', these new packages give city users complete freedom to meet all their communication needs throughout the week. Offers subscribers get 300 on-net minutes, 20 off-net minutes, 300 SMS, and 5GB data for just Rs. 60 with one-week confirmation.

Offering Zong Apna City Chiniot Zong offers you the city of Chiniot and your city Jhang Offering Zong Aap City Chiniot

Customers can dong * 5522 # or * 4499 # respectively. Zong can dial his city Chiniot offer or Zong his city Jhang offer respectively.

Offers can also be subscribed using the MyZong app.

Clients of different networks can undoubtedly call the helpline 0314-3334455 or contact the closest retailer or Zong franchise to change their number to Zong.

Zong's official spokesperson said, "Introducing the new Apna Shahar for the cities of Chiniot and Jhang, it is a continuation of our special 'Apna Shahar' packages designed to cater to Zong customers from different cities across Pakistan Has gone

He said that we are providing our best class communication services in all parts of Pakistan to bring the benefits of digitalization to the people while at the same time taking Pakistan towards the 5G era.

As a customer-centric organization, Zong continues to offer customized offers to customers across the country based on their usage and needs.

In addition, the company has brought a number of unbeatable international roaming offers that are helping thousands of Pakistanis stay connected with their loved ones while traveling abroad. The offer has been particularly helpful in coronavirus epidemics

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