Zong Supreme Bachat Offer – Save Upto 150 Monthly

Zong Supreme Bachat Offer
Zong Supreme Bachat Offer

Zong Supreme Bachat Offer 2021

Zong Supreme Savings Offer is also known as Zong Supreme Offer but the network has reduced its original price by Rs 150.

Just because of the new bundle price, Zong customers will have to start calling this bundle Zong Supreme Savings Offer instead of their real name Zong Supreme Offer. This bundle was available in PKR 1000 but now you can subscribe to this package for only Rs. 850 in full 15 months.

Zong Supreme Savings offer is basically Mahana Supreme Savings as this bundle is valid for 30 days and its MB, SMS and minutes work for a whole month from activation to maturity.

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Zong Supreme Savings Offer

Get 12 GB internet, 5000 SMS, 5000 zong minutes, and 300 other network minutes for only PKR 850. All these incentives are valid per month and their original price is available at Rs. 850 instead of PKR 1000. With a discount of only Rs. 150, this bundle got a name saving offer.

Zong Supreme Bachat Offer Detail

Subscribe Code:*3030#
Package Price:PKR 850
Package Validation:30 Days
Internet Data:12Gb
Zong to Zong Minutes:5000 Minutes
Other Network Minutes:300 Minutes

Save Rs. 150

This bundle was available for Rs.1000 but now its activation price is Rs.850. Therefore, the Rs 150 bundle concessions have made it popular among Zong's monthly package activators.

Check the code

Basically, there are many tricks and codes that allow you to check the rest of the facts, SMS, MB and minutes. However, we have described each code with its function below.

  • Use the "Zong App" to check out the rest of the benefits
  • All in detail code * 102 * 1 #
  • Remaining SMS code * 102 * 2 #
  • Check minutes * 102 * 3 #
  • Ask MBS * 102 * 4 #
  • See also: Zong 100 Free Minutes

Terms & Conditions

The Supreme Savings Offer is automatic

Use Internet MBs on all 2G / 3G / 4G devices

Monthly offer 4GB fixed WhatsApp

Call upset charges will not apply to voice calls

For more information please click here Info and FAQ

Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer

Zong New Day is coming with Packages Day BD. Now a days, Zong is considered a great network. Now it has come up with one of its best bundles. There is much more to this bundle under one offer. Zong has now come up with a monthly Supreme Punjab offer. Prior to the offer, Zong launched several other offers. But this is the best. With this bundle, there is no need to subscribe to another bundle.

With this Zong offer, you can now get SMS, 300 other network minutes, and 20 GB net in addition to Zong minutes from 5000 zones, of which 10 GB net is available for YouTube for one month. With these minutes and 20 GB net, you can easily spend a month on your own. As such, there is no net usage limit in this offer. You can watch YouTube by subscribing to this offer, use Facebook, WhatsApp and Google whatever you want.

This is a great package for a monthly basis. As you can do anything with this one package. But this package is only for Punjab province. You can avail this offer only if you are living in Punjab. You can avail this offer only by getting a burden of Rs.1000 including tax.

Offer of Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab

Membership of Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer You can subscribe to this Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer up to * 4545 #

You can also take advantage of this offer by sending an SMS to 6464.

There is no auto-renewal of this offer. Therefore, there is no need to terminate this offer.

Terms & Conditions

This offer is only available for Central Region.

You can retrieve the remaining minutes and data by subscribing to this offer before the expiration date.

Under this offer, after using 20 GB of data, 1 MB will be taxed per MB.

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