Jazz Beep Call Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code 2021

Jazz Beep Call Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code 2021
Jazz Beep Call Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code 2021


No balance, no problem!​

Subscription Code

Send ‘SUB’ to 5188


Send ‘UNSUB’ to 5188


Rs. 0.10+Tax/Beep

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With a beep call, you can create missed calls to on-net and off-net numbers with insufficient balance. With this service, we make sure you're always connected. The service is available to all Jazz prepaid customers.

Other information

  • The first beep call in a day is free.
  • A total of 10 beeps a day are allowed, both on-net and off-net.
  • The service is provided free of cost to the full prepaid base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a jazz beep call service?

Beep Call Jazz allows users to dial on-net and off-net numbers with insufficient balance.

Do I require a unique SIM or phone to subscribe to this Package?

No, you do not need a special SIM or phone to subscribe to the beep call service. This service can work on any standard mobile or smartphone.

How do I subscribe to a jazz beep call?

This service is available by default for all Jazz prepaid users. However, if a user does not wish to use this service, just send "UNSUB" to 5188 for free.

How many beeps are allowed in a day?

The customer can send a total of 10 beeps in a day where the first beep will be free and the remaining 9 beeps will be charged Rs. 0.05 / beep

Terms & Conditions

Prepaid - For Azad Jammu and Kashmir / FATA / GB(Gilgit Baltistan) / Islamabad / Balochistan / Regions, please see here for full details of the prepaid tariff of this offer/package.

irritated Unwanted and unethical messages can be reported by messaging SENDER's NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 – PTA

Jazz Beep Call Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code 2021

Are you out of balance? No problem, because with Jazz Beep Call you can make free missed calls to all on-net and off-net numbers.

Now subscribe to Miss Call service and give Miss Call to your friends, relatives, and office mates on-net and off-net numbers for only Rs 0.05 per beep. Not the best service for a typical subscriber when out of balance.

Jazz beep call description.

The word "beep call" means "miss call". Yes! According to this service, whenever you are out of balance, your normal call will be converted into a beep call, and the recipient, whether the on-net number or off-net number, will receive a missed call from your number. This is the cheapest and best emergency service for all Jazz subscribers.

Jazz Beep Call Service Details:

How to Subscribe:Send 'SUB' to 5188
Price:Rs. 0.05 (Per Beep)
Service Work:Generate Miss Call
How to Un-Sub:

Send 'UNSUB' to 5188

Jazz beep call price.

Miss call service costs Rs 0.05 per beep. Whenever the subscriber generates a beep on any number, PKR 0.05 will be deducted from the network per beep dialer account.

Jazz Call beep subscribe code.

To subscribe to the Miss Call service at cheaper rates, customers need to send 'SUB' to 5188. A confirmation will be in accordance with the SMS service subscription.

Jazz Call beep Un-subscribe code.

Send 'UNSUB' to 5188 to subscribe to the Miss Call service. Disabling a popup notification will be in accordance with the non-subscription.

Emergency Miss Call.

Another name for this service that suits her because of her work is "Emergency Miss Call". We can say that in times of emergency, customers can make missed calls and receive rings from friends.


We strongly recommend this type of low cost but efficient service. Because in case of emergency, everyone can call the on-net and off-net numbers for a minimum fee. That's why we say "jazz apna ha". For more details, please click on the official link for information and questions.

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