Jazz Caller Tune Code 2021 – How To Set Jazz Caller Tune

Jazz Caller Tune Code 2021
Jazz Caller Tune Code 2021


Jazz up your caller tunes

Subscription Code

Dial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230

Unsubscription code

Dial 230 or send ‘unsub’ to 230


Rs.2.50/ day Inc. tax

IVR Charges

Rs. 0.72/Min (By dialing 2301)

IVR Charges

Rs. 2.84/Min (By dialing 230)

SMS Charges 

(Content Download)

Rs.9.55 Inc. tax

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Let your callers go to music through jazz tunes. Library of more than 400,000 songs,

to download content directly visit the jazz official website.

How to subscribe

Jazz Tunes.

If You Want to Subscribe to Mobilink Jazz Tune You Can Do this Through This Method By Dialing Subscription Code By Calling Jazz Offical Helpline Number.

  • Dial * 2301 * RBT code #
  • Dial * 230 # for the USSD menu and subscribe.
  • When you listen to any jazz Tune, press * 3 to make it your jazz tune.
  • Call 2301 from your jazz number (call charges 0.72 / min)

Jazz Apni Dhun

Listen to the jazz tune of your choice while waiting for your call to be answered through your tune.

How to subscribe to Apni Dhun

Dial * 2302 * RBTCode #


Charges are the same for both jazz tunes and your own tunes.

Daily charges are Rs. 2.50 per day tax.

Content download charges are Rs. 9.55 + inc. tax


Dial * 230 * 8 #


Send 'unsub' to 230.

Terms & Condition

This service is for postpaid and prepaid users.

If you subscribe to both Jazz Tunes and apni dhun at the same time, you will be charged separately for the subscription.

The content library for apni dhun is like jazz tunes.

To facilitate users who request a Jazz tunes subscription with an insufficient balance, the requested JazzTunes subscription will be provided to such users while the subscription charges will be deducted when subscribers have enough balance in their account

 How To Set Jazz Caller Tune

If You Want to Set Jazz Tune On Your Mobilink Jazz Number So It's Easy to Set In Pakistan Mobilink Jazz Give You The Service To Set Your Favorite Song, Qawali, Naat, Nazam, Bollywood Indian Songs, Pakistani Songs Mili Nagmy, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sariki, And Blochi Songs Also Added In this List We are Give You Some Songs Naats Qawalis Nagmy And Nohys Code You Can Set Your Favorite Once Easily Through These Codes.

Pakistani Jazz Caller tunes:

Dhola by (Gulaab and Danish Khichi)Dial 477421
Yaar Way Tedian Aye Tasvran by (Khlil Mahi)Dial 414891
Punjabi Tappay by (Sahira Naseem)Dial 477925
Kala Jora by (Shafaullah Khan Rokhri)

Dial 468019

Dil Jale by (Mumtaz Molai)Dial 469036
Ja Ja Bewafa Ja by (Ijaz Sanu)Dial 477424
Kisey Hor Tey Nayi Dulheya by (Akram Rahi And Megha)Dial 469055

Indian Songs for Jazz Caller tunes:

Zindagi by (Amrinder Gill)Dial 387378
Kaun Hoyega Qismat by (Ammy Virk)Dial 448434
Mile Ho Tum Hum Ko by (Aditi Agarwal)Dial 415433
Qismat 1 by (Ammy Virk)

Dial 448435

Rab Na Kare by (Vaada Raha)Dial 424276
Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai by (Midhat Hidayat)Dial 276635
Dildarian 1 by (Amrinder Gill)Dial 229092

We Are give You Some Jazz Tune Codes If you Want More Tunes So Visit Jazz Offical Website = https://jazztunes.mobizone.com.pk/mobitunes_new/index.php

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