Jazz TikTok Packages 2021 – Daily Weekly & Monthly

Jazz TikTok Packages 2021 – Daily Weekly & Monthly
Jazz TikTok Packages 2021 – Daily Weekly & Monthly

Jazz Tiktok Packages 2021

Hello Guys Today We are Going to Talk About Jazz Special Tiktok Packages In this Article We are Trying to Share Jazz Tiktok Daily Weekly and Monthly Packages So If you Want To Subscribe to These Packages So Read This Article Fully.

Tiktok Is a Most Using Social Media App Nowadays Every other Person Making Entertaining Video and Upload in the Tiktok App You can also making videos on the TikTok And Making Fans. We have come up with jazz TikTok packages through which you can use TikTok at very cheap and affordable prices.

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Mobilink Jazz Tiktok Packages Detail:

We are Find Some Jazz Tiktok Packages For You If you Want to Subscribe to These Packages You can Do it Through The Details Mentioned Below These Packages is only for Those People who want to use unlimited or limited TikTok.

Jazz Tiktok Daily Packages

We are Sharing Two Daily Tiktok Packages Which One You Want to Subscribe its As on you.


IN The First Package You Need to Dial *114*5# this Code For Subscribing. In this Package, You Get 30 Mbs Data For Tiktok This Package Price Is Very Cheap Rs.5 You Get This Package Daily.

Jazz Daily TikTok Package Detail:

How to Subscribe:Dial *114*5#
Price:Rs. 5  (Incl. Tax)
Valid:1 day 
Internet Data:

30 Mbs

Status Check:Dial *114*5*2#


In the Second Daily Toktok Package, You Will Get 1GB Tiktok Data for 24-Hours in Just Rs. 27+tax. So if you Want to Subscribe to This Package We are Mentioned Full Details In the Table.

Jazz 24 Hours TikTok Package Detail:

How to Subscribe:Dial *117*4#
Price:Rs. 27  (Incl. Tax)
Valid:1 day (24-hours)
Internet Data:

1024 MB (1-GB)

Status Check:Dial *117*4*2#

Jazz TikTok Weekly Packages

If You Want Weekly TikTok Packages So We Have Two Packages For Weekly Basis Subscribe And Enjoy Your Time To Watch Tik Tok Videos Or Making And Uploading On TikTok App.


If you want to Use More TikTok app So This Package is especially For You With This Package You Can Enjoy More time And Make More Videos And Uploading On Tiktok In This Package You Get 2500 MBs Data For the Whole Week In Rs.50 For Subscribing to this TikTok Weekly Bundle Dial *117*14# And Enjoy.

Jazz Weekly TikTok Package Detail:

How to Subscribe:Dial *117*14#
Price:Rs. 50  (Incl. Tax)
Valid:7 days (1-Week)
Internet Data:

2500 MB (2.5-GB)

Status Check:Dial *117*14*2#


In this Second Package, You Get 500 Mbs & 200Mbs For Facebook Whatsapp and TikTok for 7 Days In Rs. 75 So If You want to Subscribe to This Package We are Giving Full Details In the Table Below.

Jazz 7 Days TikTok Package Detail:

How to Subscribe:Dial *117*7#
Price:Rs. 75  (Incl. Tax)
Valid:7 days (1-Week)
Internet Data:

500 MBs & 200 MBs for Fb, WhatsApp & TikTok.

Status Check:Dial *117*7*2#

Jazz TikTok Monthly Package

If you want TikTok Package For the Whole Month So Jazz Has launched This Tiktok Package For especially 30 Days You Can easily Subscribe to This Package We are Gibing Full Details In the Table In This TikTok Monthly Package You Will Get 3000Mbs In Rs.500 For Subscribing This Package dial *117*31# And Enjoy TikTok Full Month.

Jazz 30 Days TikTok Package Detail:

How to Subscribe:Dial *117*31#
Price:Rs. 500  (Incl. Tax)
Valid:7 days (1-Week)
Internet Data:

3000 MBs (3GB)

Status Check:Dial *117*31*2#

What is TikTok App

Tik Tok App, also known as the Dwayne app in China, is a video-sharing-focused social Media networking service owned by the Chinese company Byte Dance. Social media platforms are used to create a variety of short-form videos ranging from dance, comedy, and education, lasting from fifteen seconds to three minutes.

TikTok has many features to make your videos more interesting and engaging. Enables a lot of changes, effects, and much more like these features of the video. That's why Tik Tok is getting so many likes and downloads all over the world. Many people make videos on TikTok and upload them to applications. Here they get likes and the process goes on.

Tik Tok is getting a lot of attention on social media. It has surpassed some other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Terms & Conditions

  • Jazz Tik Tok packages are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • These bundles are made according to Tik Tok data and price.
  • All general terms and conditions will apply.
  • Please visit the official website for more details.

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