Telenor 75 GB IN 175 Rupees Code – Mega Monthly Offer

Telenor Mega Monthly Offer 2021
Telenor Mega Monthly Offer 2021

Telenor Mega monthly offer. Rs. 175 including tax

Now there will be streaming and socializing with MORE SE Zyada.

Telenor Mega Monthly Offer! 

  • Internet 75 GB (12am to 12pm)
  • Term 30 days.
  • Dial * 29 #

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There's the perfect monthly bundle for night owls - enjoy more SE Zyada Gaming Streaming and chat with 75 GB for 30 days!


The data on this package can only be used between 12 AM TO 12 PM.


What will be charged after the bundle is finished?

Rs. 100 will be charged from the customer. 4.8 / MB including post bundle tax

How can I get a refund?

Once the bundle is subscribed, no refund can be given.

How can I maintain reserves?

The remaining MB can be checked via * 999 #

The remaining minutes can be checked via * 222 #

The rest of the SMS can be checked via * 111 #

The remaining balance can be checked through * 444 #

The rest of the offer resources can be checked via * 123 #

How to subscribe this offer?

The offer will be automatically subscribed once it expires.

Terms & Conditions.

  • The resources and authenticity of the various subscriptions to this offer are independent of each other and will not be merged.
  • This package can be subscribed more than once.
  • Packages may change at any time.
  • The billing system allocates a portion of the data resources available in the MB of your package when you open / access every application or website on the device so that all available MB bundles are allocated in these usage cases. can. Therefore, charging at standard rates may apply if the user case/app/website is accessed.
  • Once standard rate charging begins, a reminder will be sent with relevant offers to avoid further consumption at the standard rate
  • Users will be sent resource usage information from the 80 and 100 consumption bundles to take prompt action to avoid standard rate charging.
  • An additional package provides hedging against accidental standard charging rates.

Telenor 75 GB IN 175 Rupees Code – Mega Monthly Offer

Now every customer can get Telenor 75 GB Data in Rs. 175 for 30 days with Telenor Mega Monthly Offer at an affordable price. With the mega monthly offer, all Telenor clients will be able to get 75 GB INternet data from 12 AM to 12 PM for 30 days a month..

Telenor 4G Internet is great for watching online videos, socializing, video calling, and staying online 24 hours a day. That's why we recommend Telenor 4G data to all our loved ones. The bundle is specifically designed for half a day and is the cheapest in the history of telecom internet packages.

Telenor 75 GB at Rs.175

This offer Telenor offers for 75 GB for Rs. 175 is a mega monthly offer. This mega offer is available at Rs. 175 The validity is 30 days which makes the offer more beautiful. However, the time of this offer is reserved from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

This means that users will be able to use Telenor data in this package from 12 am to 12 pm. This makes the 12-hour bundle time unique from other Internet bundles.

Telenor 75 GB Mega Monthly.

Telenor Mega Monthly is only available on the "My Telenor App" which is why users have to download and install the "My Telenor App" and open the Internet Bundle in this application. Then select and confirm the package subscription. Congratulations you have subscribed to the Telenor Mega Monthly Offer 75 GB  in Rs. 175 with the help of "My Telenor App".

How to get mega monthly offer.

To subscribe the Telenor Mega Monthly Offer in Rs. 175 to get 75 GB for 30 days, the subscriber has to download and install "My Telenor App". After installing the app, open the data package and select "Telenor Mega Monthly Offer" from the list.

Telenor Mega Monthly Offer 2021 Detail:

How to Subscribe:Through "MYTelenor App"
Price:Rs. 175 (Incl. Tax)
Valid:30 days (1 Month)
Internet Data:

75 GB Data (12 AM to 12 PM)

Recharge required:Rs. 195
Status Check:Through "MYTelenor App"
UN-SUB:Through "MYTelenor App"

Unique data timing.

As we mentioned, the package can only be subscribed to through the "My Telenor App". However, it is important to note that the bundle has a very accurate timing. This means that the permitted data will only work for 30 consecutive days from 12 am-12 pm.


People are looking for Telenor Mega Monthly Offer subscription code or what is commonly known as a "Telenor 75 GB 30 days package at Rs. 175". The only possible way is to subscribe to the bundle through the "My Telenor App". So click here to download and install "My Telenor App".

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