Zong 2 Hour Internet Package – 2 HOUR NON STOP OFFER

Zong 2 Hour Internet Package – 2 HOUR NON STOP OFFER
Zong 2 Hour Internet Package – 2 HOUR NON STOP OFFER

Zong 2 Hour Internet Package 

Enjoy the fastest 4G internet subscription Zong 2 hours internet package. Package codes and prices are described step by step in detail:

Zong is Pakistan's fastest internet provider, China Mobile Telecommunication Network. Special subscribers who have received Zong SIM can subscribe to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly 3G / 4G internet packages. The price of the internet bundle varies with its accuracy, the amount of MB, and additional benefits with the internet.

In the last few days, Mostly People have asked me to post an internet package on an hourly or daily basis. Because there are a few packages available on the internet which have a zoning period of 2 hours. That's why we've put together this type of hourly data package to provide you with complete guidance on the latest Internet bundles that are accurate and low-cost per hour.

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Zong 2 hours internet

All the hourly and daily-based internet packages launched by Zong till the New Year 2021 are on this page. So it's all on one page to find the perfect low-cost social media package or hourly internet package.

Zong 2 hours internet package

These are Zong 4G per hour internet packages. So just subscribe to any of the bundles mentioned below and get your fastest 4G MBs at cheap rates. Enjoy 2 hours or 1 day of data.

Daily FB offer

With the Daily FB offer, subscribers will receive 500 MB for using Facebook. This Internet data is only used for social media. The cost of the daily FB package is Rs. 5 including tax.

  • Please dial this code * 32 # to subscribe to this offer.
  • Receive 500 MB for Facebook.
  • This bundle is valid for 24 hours.
  • The price of this bundle is Rs. 5

Rated pack

Subscribe to hourly rated packs and receive 50MB for use on 4G devices. They are available at a price of Rs. 5 including 50 MB tax.

  • For package activation dial * 6464 #
  • Get 50 MB for data usage.
  • Dial * 102 # to check status.
  • The price of this bundle is Rs.
  • This bundle is valid for 1 day.

Social pack

Turn on the popular social pack and get the fastest 4G 100 MBs internet for just Rs. 10 tax. This bundle is also suitable for 1 day (24 hours). The full details are given below:

  • Dial this ussd code * 6464 # and open the menu.
  • Select the name of the current bundle.
  • The bundle will be activated on selection.
  • You will get 100 MB of data.
  • Zong will receive Rs 10 per subscription.
  • This bundle is valid for 1 day.
  • Users can dial * 102 # to check the remaining MB.

Youth offer

Zong Daily Youth package is ready for subscription. Subscribe to the pack and use 2.5 GB internet on all 4G devices. This bundle is usable (1 AM to 9 AM). The price of this bundle is Rs. 16 tax. Full details are mentioned below:

  • Type a new SMS "gno" to subscribe to the offer
  • Send it to 6464.
  • You will be automatically subscribed.
  • The user will get 2.5 GB of internet.
  • These MBs are usable from 1 AM to 9 AM.
  • The official price of this bundle is Rs.
  • The Fair Use Policy applies to the Zong Youth Offer.

Daytime offer

Get 1200 MBs on Zong with a daytime offer for just Rs. This bundle is valid from 4am to 7pm.

Details are available below:

  • Subscribe to Day Time Offer by dialing * 47 #
  • Get 1200 MB for use on 4G networks.
  • MBs are valid from 4 AM to 7 PM.
  • The bundle is available in PKR 16.
  • The Fair Use Policy applies to the Zong Day Time Offer.

Daily basic

Zong Daily Basic PKR 17 delivers 100 MBs a day. Subscribe to this offer and use the internet for one day.

  • Dial this ussd code * 6464 # and open the menu.
  • Select Zong Daily Basic Bundle.
  • The bundle will be activated on selection.
  • The user will receive 100 MB on subscription.
  • These MBs will work for one day.
  • The price of the bundle is Rs.

Daily Data Max

Our last data Bundle of the day is "Zong Daily Data Max". Please open the * 6464 # and bundle menu. Select the package name and activate the bundle for only Rs. Enjoy 500 MB Internet + 500 MB YouTube for 24 hours.

  • Dial this ussd code * 6464 # and open the menu.
  • Select Zong Daily Data Max.
  • The network will deduct Rs 38.
  • Users will get 500 MB Internet + 500 MB YouTube.
  • This bundle is valid for 24 hours.
  • Dial * 102 # to check the remaining MB.

Cheap hourly package

All hourly or daily packages of Zong Internet are collected and presented on the Website above. So start browsing on social media, YouTube, and airplane internet at low cost on an hourly or daily basis.


Finally, I will repeat my words as usual. As you know we always post the latest calls, SMS and internet packages. So in this post, we've put together a data package based on Zong4G's 2021 latest hourly. Stay in touch with your loved ones in low-cost packages on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoyed the information. If you find this information helpful, please share it with your friends and help us to improve this website.


Consumer Price

Rs. 9


Zong Minutes



Internet Data




With 2 hours non-stop offer, Get unlimited calls to all zong numbers. And enjoy the fastest data of 1GB for 2 hours on a load of rupees. 9.

How to subscribe?

Just dial * 5555 #

Terms & Conditions

  • The subscription period is up to 120 minutes.
  • The bundle is not auto-reversible.
  • Call setup charges of Rs. 0.15 apply to each outgoing call.
  • The out-of-bundle charge for data applies to Rs. 1+ Tax / MB
  • This offer is for prepaid customers only.
The following taxes/charges will apply:
  • 19.5% Sales Tax (GST) applies to usage (if applicable).
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) Rate 10% Applies to every recharge
  • 16 of applies to FED usage (where applicable).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there any call setup charges?

A. Yes, PKR 0.15 call setup charges apply to every outgoing call.

Question: What if 1GB of mobile internet runs out before the bundle expires?

A. If you subscribe to an offer with the right mobile internet resources, that mobile internet volume will be used. If not, the out-of-bundle rate will apply to Rs. 1+ tax / MB till the expiration of the Super Student Bundle.

Q. Can this bundle be re-subscribed on the same day?

A. Yes, if you already have a valid subscription to the Super Student Bundle, existing resources will be overstated.

Q. Is this bundle auto-renewable?

A. No.

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