Zong 4G Introduce Monthly Super Star Offer

Zong 4G Introduce Monthly Super Star Offer
Zong 4G Introduce Monthly Super Star Offer 


Consumer Price

Rs, 535


Internet Data



Other Network Calling Minutes

400 Minutes


Zong to Zong Call Minutes

3000 Minutes







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How to subscribe

Dial * 7070 # from your phone.


This offer is only available in these Mentioned cities:

  • Faisalabad
  • Khanewal
  • Sargodha
  • Abdulhakim
  • Sadiqabad
  • Burewala
  • Kabirwala
  • Hasilpur
  • Vehrari
  • Malsi
  • RYK


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I check the usage details?

Answer. By dialing * 102 # (charge 10 paisa + tax per inquiry)

Question: Will the offer be renewed automatically?

Answer.. No.

Question: Is there a resource rollover in this offer?

Answer. Yes

Question: Is there a download limit on this offer?

Answer. Customers can remove as much as they want within 8 GB volume.

Question: Can I subscribe to DTO and GNO with this offer?

Answer. Yes,  you can subscribe to any Package.

Question: What are the charges after using 8 GB mobile internet volume?

Answer. Rs.1 + tax / MB out of bundle rate is applicable till the expiry of the bundle after which the customers will be transferred to their respective base tariff.

Question: Can the bundle be re-subscribed within the bundle period?

Answer. Customers must first subscribe to the offer by sending "UNSUB MHO" to 6464. The customer can also subscribe/subscribe to the offer from the MyZong app.

Question: If the customer has activated the Superstar offer and, moved out of the city/region, can he utilize the free resources of this offer?

Answer. Yes, it will work according to existing area-based offers.

Terms & Conditions

  • The following taxes/charges will apply:
  • 19.5% Sales Tax (GST) applies to usage (if applicable).
  • On the Every Recharge 10% Rate Advance Income Tax Charges Applied 
  • FEDERAL of 16% applies on use ( where pertinent).
  • No call setup charges apply.

Zong 4G introduces monthly superstar offer

Zong has recently launched the latest Zong Superstar offer. This offer offers discounts for 30 days at affordable prices.

Here we have an all-in-one package that includes minutes of Internet MB, SMS, and on-network, and other networks. The bundle is valid for 30 days and is a complete package for the subscriber.

After subscribing to this package, the subscriber will not need any SMS, data, or call package. The reason is that the bundle itself is full of all the incentives we usually need.

Superstar offer Zong.

Zong Superstar Offer is a monthly bundle. The bundle contains 8 GB (8000 MB) of data for use on 3G / 4G devices. In addition, there are 3000 SMS in the bundle to start a silent conversation. The package also includes 3,000 Zong minutes to stay in touch with NetZone users.

An additional 400 minutes are included in this package to call off-network users. So the connection never ends with the new Super Bundle.

Details of Superstar Offer.

Full details with codes, pricing, and accuracy are featured on this page. So users will get complete instructions from this site.

Zong 4G Super Star Offer 2021 Detail:

How to Subscribe:Dial *7070#
Price:Rs. 535 (Incl. Tax)
Valid:30 days (1 Month)
Internet Data:

8 GB Data 

ON-Net Minutes:3000 Minutes
Text Messages:3000
Status Code:*102#
Call Setup Charges:Rs. 00
Off-Net Minutes:

400 Minutes

Note: To check the remaining privileges, dial * 102 # or open "My Zong App".

How to subscribe to the offer

To subscribe to the Zong Superstar offer, dial * 7070 # from your mobile dial pad. You can visit the official website or open the "My Zong App" to activate this monthly package on your number.

How to unsubscribe this offer

To unsubscribe, Zong Superstar Offer subscribers must dial the official helpline number of the Zong 4G network. The user can also open the "My Zong App" and disable the package below its details.

Check out the remaining Resources.

The user can use the Network Official Application to check the remaining benefits in the monthly offer. In addition, users can dial * 102 # to receive the remaining details via SMS or notification. Standard charges will apply when dialing a check code.

Terms & Conditions

  • SMS, minutes, and MB will be usable 24/7.
  • The following is the monthly approval of the package.
  • No call setup charges will apply.
  • Offer not auto-renewable.
  • Click here for general information and questions.

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