Zong Call & SMS History Check Online For Free 2021

Zong Call & SMS History Check Online For Free 2021
Zong Call & SMS History Check Online For Free 2021

Zong Call and SMS Date Check Free Online 2021

Now it's easy to check incoming and outgoing zong calls and SMS history for free. We have described the method with the pictures below.

If you are a subscriber of Zong SIM and you want to check the date of your call or SMS in the last days, weeks or months then you can visit the website given below and provide your details as per the method given below. Can check pictures

Many times Zong users look for hacking or other tricks to see their past history. In any case, it is exceptionally dangerous to check such dangerous hacks or sites. These websites may hack your personal data or harm your privacy. subsequently, follow this strategy since it is a 100% legal and working trick originally launched by the Zong 4G.

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Zong Call and SMS history

Basically when we dial or receive a call or when we send or receive an SMS the full date is automatically saved in Zong4G's servers. So with the legal trick, you can get complete information about your receipt or send an SMS or call with zero balance.

This zero balance trick is legal yet clients should have an internet bundle to sign in to the official page of Zong History Servers.

Zong Call and SMS History Page

The official page of Zong Call and SMS History is available on the Internet under the name "Zong eCare". Click on the given link and go to the page on which you have to enter your zoning number and log in to your personal SIM history.

Visit the Zong eCare link= https://ecare.zong.com.pk/ecare/Login.aspx

This is the official page link about which we have described its "Login and History Checking" steps in detail below.

Zong Call and SMS history steps

These are the official steps to log in to your personal SIM account on the "eCare" page. Follow these steps according to the Image Guide and access your previous history.

Login page steps.

Follow these steps as described in the article or photos.

  • First "Enter your Zong number"
  • The second step is to Fill Captcha and "type the letters" in the picture.
  • Now click on the "Login Page" button.

Note: Follow each step as described above.

Verification page steps

Now Second page Auto open and you need to Confirmed your Authority by "embedding a code Which Code you get on your Zong SIM".

  • You will receive a "code via SMS".
  • Enter the SMS code in "Password".
  • Type "image characters" in the last box.
  • Click the "Login Page" button.

Note: You must have access to the number you entered because you will receive a verification code on the number entered.

Usage History Portion

Now the official page of your personal SIM will open automatically. All you have to do is click on these options to check the call, data, and SMS history.

  • The "eCare" page will now open.
  • Click "Use history."
  • You can check the history of "Data, Call and SMS".
  • Click the date you want to check.
  • Now enter the date on which you want to check the details.

Note: You can only check the details twice a day.


As it is clearly proven and now we can say that it is possible to check the date of last week, months and years "Data, SMS and Call" for free. You can check your details twice a day. However, if you still have a question, you can click on the official website INFO and FAQ.

How to check Zong call and SMS history

Zong is a well-known network in Pakistan. Zong also provides its customers with the latest features like call and SMS history, which can be checked online through the Zong eCare portal.

Subscribe to your SIM owner details, call date and the amount received on that call, SMS date, and charges, subscribe to any package or bundle, your recharge amount and dates on the ZongAir website, See FNF numbers, and more. With Zong eCare you can easily get all the information about your mobile number.

Zong call and SMS history.

All you have to do is open the following link to check Zong Call and SMS history.

Link= https://ecare.zong.com.pk/ecare/Login.aspx


On this website, you have to enter your mobile number and under this, you have to enter the captcha words in the box below.

You will receive a message on your mobile phone including the Zong eCare login password. You must enter this password into the ZongCare website and re-enter the captcha and click the Submit button.

You will now have access to your call with all call history and SMS history. You can recharge your Zong mobile number through this Zong Webcare service with Jazz Cash or Credit / Debit Card.

You can check the amount and date of recharge through this web portal and manage your budget. Also, every call, SMS, and internet package subscription will be displayed there so that you can handle each package according to your usage and plan for the future.

Note: -

Note that this data can only be accessed if you have this SIM. If you're thinking about accessing someone else's data, you can't. I hope you like this Zong Working Trick. You need to share this trick with your friends and enjoy it.

We hope you enjoyed the information. If you find this information helpful, please share it with your friends and help us to improve this website.

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