Zong Day Time Offer Remaining Check & SUB Code

Zong Day Time Offer Remaining Check & SUB Code
Zong Day Time Offer Remaining Check & SUB Code



Rs. 23


Internet Data

1.5 GB



Daily *1.5 GB (4AM- 7PM)

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Now enjoy the fastest internet with Zong Day Time offer at an affordable price and Zong 4G speed during the day.

How to subscribe

Dial * 47 #

Offer period: Limited time offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can day time offer be combined with other internet packages?

Answer. Yes, it is bundled with all internet bundles.

Question: Will the daytime offer be renewed automatically?

Answer. Yes, the daytime offer will be automatically renewed on a daily basis. If the customer loses balance at the time of auto-activation, the service will be deactivated.

Question: What kind of subscribers can subscribe to the day time offer?

Answer. This offer is valid for all 2G / 3G and 4G prepaid customers - GSM SIMs.

Question: Is there a download limit on the daytime offer from 4am to 7pm?

Answer. 1.5GB fair use policy means users can download as much as they want within the download limit.

Question: Are there any additions available for this offer?

Answer. Yes, the same increase in the case of normal data bundles.

Question: What are the charges after using the data?

Answer. If the customer has a bundle with DTO, after using 1.5 GB (of DTO) the customer will move to another bundle.

  If the customer doesn’t have any other bundle along with DTO(data transfer object), then after consuming 1.5GB (of data transfer object) he will move to out of package rate till 7 pm, forward he will be moved to the default rate.

Question: What will be the priority of day time offer with other data bundles?

Answer. Daytime offerings are a high priority with all other data bundles.

Question: Can the customer re-subscribe to this offer after using 1.5 GB of data?

Answer. Yes, the Incas service is renewed at midnight and if the user deactivates the service after consuming data and then reactivates the service, the service will be reactivated a second time.

Question: How to subscribe to this offer?

Answer. SMS "unsub dto" to 6464.

Question: Will the customer recharge if he activates the offer before 12:00?

Answer. Yes

Question: If a user has enabled day time offer with any data bundle, what is the duration of the add-on?

Answer. Add-on validity will be compatible with most validity bundles.

Question: Can day time offer be combined with other internet packages?

Answer. Yes, it is available with all internet bundles except Good Night Offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • The following taxes/charges will apply:
  • 19.5% Sales Tax (GST) applies to usage (if applicable).
  • An advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 10% is applicable on each recharge.
  • 16% applies to FED usage (where applicable).

Zong Day Time Offer Status check and subscribe code

Zong Day Time Offer is a daily unique timing internet offer in this offer you get 1500 MB of data in Rs. 23 from 4:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Internet packages are generally preferred by consumers on a daily basis. The reason behind this fact is the low cost of packages and their maximum data. A subscriber can achieve maximum download and upload speeds by subscribing to this package and enjoy the internet as per the daily accuracy policy.

We talked about the duration of the package, its special time, subscribing, and checking the rest of its MB.

Zong Day Time Offer

Zong Day Time Offer users will get 1.5 GB (1500 MB) of Internet data to use on Their 3G / 4G devices. This package is a daily internet package. After subscribing to this offer, Internet MB will only work from 4 am to 7 pm. Zong Day Time Offer price Rs. 23 + tax. So you get 1.5 GB in just Rs. 23 for a day. Further details including package subscription and check code are given below.

Zong Day Time Offer Details:

How to Subscribe:Dial *47#
Price:Rs. 23 (Incl. Tax)
Valid:daily (4AM- 7PM)
Internet Data:

1.5 GB Data (4AM- 7PM)

Sub through SMS:Send SMS type"DTO" to 6464
Status Check:Dial *102#

Note: The bundle is only valid for one day at a specific time.

How to Subscribe & check codes

To subscribe to this daily-based internet Bundle you Just have to dial * 47 # Ussd Code in your Mobile Phone Dialer or you can subscribe to the internet Bundle by typing and sending a new Message "to"  and send to the service number 6464.

To check the remaining data or MBs, the subscriber can dial * 102 # from the dial pad of the mobile. Customers have to pay official charges for dialing the Status check code.

Package time & Validity

As mentioned above, however, due to its profound effects on the bundle, it needs to be re-exposed. Bundle time starts at 4 am and works all day till 7 pm. So this is a complete one-day internet package which is available for only Rs.23

Terms & Conditions

  • This Offer activation code is * 47 #
  • MBs checking code is * 102 #
  • These Internet MBs will work Only on 3G / 4G devices.
  • Users can only use the given data at a specific time.
  • Once corrected, the rest of the data will be lost.
  • for more details & information visit the Official Website.

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